2015 Barto Bills Signed into Law

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Paying Directly for care is getting even better.


Higher insurance premiums, deductibles & co-pays are obviously costing patients more.  Add to that narrow provider networks  – and patients really pay.  But by paying directly market forces come into play and patients can save a bundle – especially now.  With HB 2417 (Formerly SB 1284), patients faced with out-of-network issues can apply direct pay costs for covered services to the in-network deductibles.

SB 1039  Health Care Sharing Options Widen:   The cost of health insurance continues to skyrocket – and if Obamacare subsidies come to a halt if ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, even more people will be looking for affordable options to cover the cost of care.  HCSMs are exempt from the Affordable Care Act and they’re actually affordable.  This SB 1039 fix to 2011 legislation  aligns the state and federal definitions of HCSMs so that more people can take advantage of this option.  Learn how these non-profit organizations work at the Alliance for Health Care Sharing Ministries.

SB 1092  Arizona’s AHCCCS Opportunity:  In the spirit of moving people from welfare-to-work, SB 1092 was one of the first bills Gov. Ducey signed this year.  The law ensures Arizona requests important waivers to our Medicaid program that could move able-bodied Arizonans off the taxpayer-funded health care system by adding lifetime eligibility caps, meaningful co-pays and work requirements – if approved by HHS. The state of Indiana recently received federal approval for co-pays, so Arizona has good reason to pursue this and other common sense Medicaid reforms that increase Arizona’s control over the program.

SB 1283  Doing Outpatient Treatment Better through Colocation:  People with Serious Mental Illness have historically been treated in completely different health systems and facilities, leading to much higher morbidity rates.  That is changing and SB 1283 removes regulations to accommodate collocating physical and behavioral health providers to better serve this population.

SB 1318  Ending Taxpayer Funded Abortion in the Exchanges:  41/199 of the exchange insurance plans in Arizona include abortion coverage. Considering 75% of those purchasing these plans receive subsidies, taxpayers have been subsidizing abortions.  With SB 1318 signed into law, Arizona joins 23 other states prohibiting abortion coverage in their exchange plans.  The bill also ensures women are informed that a medication abortion (RU-486) may be reversed – but time is of the essence.  Read Dr. Allan Sawyer’ testimony in support of providing this information to women seeking a second chance to give their unborn child life.

SB 1400  Human Rights Committees – You are Appreciated!:  Members of the community – all volunteers – serve on a number of HRCs throughout the state, reviewing incident and accident reports regarding the services those with serious mental illness, behavioral health issues and developmental disabilities receive.  SB 1400 clarified the mission of the HRCs and the expectations of the agencies with whom they work so these valuable HRCs can continue to help the Legislature keep the agencies accountable and proliferate.

SB 1401  In-Home Care Disclosure:  Almost all Arizonans wish to remain in their own homes as they age – and most do – but many need personal non-medical services in order to help them along the way.  SB 1401 ensures they and their loved ones have more information about who they hire to provide in-home services – such as background checks and hiring/firing policies.

Click here for a full list of my 2015 sponsored legislation.

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