Gilbert’s textbooks still don’t comply

January 4, 2015 by  

Gilbert’s governing board made a decision – not to decide.

Remember back in October when Gilbert’s Governing Board voted to take action ensuring their textbooks comply with state law? (see the background here) Well, now apparently it isn’t nearly so urgent to honor that vote and the law.

It is not only troubling that Gilbert parents can’t trust their school board to act upon a prior board action, but unconscionable their students will continue to learn – in Science class – that ending life through abortion-causing contraception is natural and preferable to childbirth and adoption, as the latter concepts are omitted – which is contrary to state law.

The media applauded the Board’s inaction, of course, while parents are expected to stand down for fear of invoking the ‘C’ word, as if correcting the textbooks is somehow worse than disregarding the law in the first place.

It’s a new year.  With the FLASH and the SHARE programs being promoted by Planned Parenthood to Arizona children from K-3 through 12, who’s minding the curriculum at YOUR child’s school?


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