Education candidates – about more than Common Core

October 1, 2014 by  

Candidates run for office for many reasons – not just to replace Common Core.  Consider these candidates and their views on a host of issues before you vote:

Diane Douglas, candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction:  You know Diane’s stance against Common Core in Arizona, but did you know what else Diane will do when she’s elected?  Diane Douglas opposes the Federal Government’s heavy-handed mandates against snack food fundraisers – even after school hours – and has committed to exempt our state so students don’t lose out on the opportunities they provide for extra-curricular activities.  Spread the word to your PTO!  Learn more about Diane, the person and watch the candidate debate on KAET.

Angelica Petersen, candidate for school board in the Cave Creek Unified School District:  Learn more about Angelica Petersen here and in the Center for Arizona Policy voter guide 

Johanna Haver, candidate for the Maricopa County Community College District.  Johanna Haver’s commitment to improving student achievement in Arizona is evident.  An educator for decades, she served on the ELL Task Force and authored a book this year on English Learner policies in Arizona.  Watch the September candidate debate.

Jean McGrath, Johanna Haver and John Heep, conservative candidates for the Maricopa County Community College District.  Check out their website here.

Read up on the candidates running for school board in your district in the Center for Arizona Policy voter guide  and vote!




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