November Ballot Propositions

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Proposition 480: Blank check or a shot in the arm for Arizona?

Have you noticed the new hospitals being built in the valley over the past 10 years?  Why are we doubling down on a taxpayer – funded hospital that competes with them?  It makes no sense to increase taxes on small businesses that have seen their taxes rise 30% between 2009 and 2013 and are barely recovering from the recession.  Read this piece from the experts at the Arizona Tax Research Association – Arizona’s taxpayer watchdogs.  Further reading: Vote No on Prop. 480;  it’s expensive and unwise and Vote No on 480

Proposition 487:  Pension Reform or shenanigans?

As you know, municipal pension systems, including Phoenix’s, are in trouble.  Prop. 487 fixes the current unsustainable pension system and replaces it with a 401(k) for NEW employees only.  It saves over $500 million and the stops the abuse of pension spiking.  The government unions have waged an all out smear and disinformation campaign to defeat this measure.  This proposal does NOT include police or fire as Robert Robb clarifies here.  Get the facts on this essential Phoenix pension reform. Vote YES.

Proposition 303: Right to Try –  liberty for patients

This proposal allows people who are terminally ill to try any medication that has been through phase I (the safety phase) FDA approval if made available by a drug company.  It was referred to the ballot by the Legislature and has passed in 4 states.  It makes it easier for those that have exhausted every other option the opportunity and ‘right to try’ other medications here in Arizona and not have to resort to non-viable alternatives or travel to other countries for treatment.  The truth is it is nearly impossible for terminal patients to get past the current FDA ‘Compassionate Use’ protocols – if they can do it at all.  Read more here or tune in to an interview with Clint Bolick on the John Batchelor show.  Vote YES.

Proposition 304:  Legislative pay raise

I get that people believe Arizona will attract more qualified candidates to run for office if the salary was higher – but I don’t buy it.   It may attract those who want the higher salary, though, which isn’t what public service is all about.   Vote NO.

Proposition 122:  Allows Arizona the right to set its own policies and laws and makes Washington pay its own bills.

Obamacare, Child Protective Services, Tombstone water rights, Federal laws closing down the Grand Canyon – Prop 122 can make all the difference in the world to our citizens when the Federal government overreaches and then makes Arizonans pay for it.  Read how it works here.  And vote YES.


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