Bio-Science: Thriving Business in Arizona

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Ready for some good news about our economy?

Bio-science industries are thriving in Arizona – spurring economic growth and helping patients.  For starters, here are the Bioscience companies and organizations just within DISTRICT 15: 

Chromosomal Laboratories, Inc.; DNA Consultants; ErrorTec; John C. Lincoln Deer Valley Hospital; Mayo Clinic Hospital; Noraxon; Pinnacle Transplant Technologies; PsyPharma Global; Science Care 

And for a difference slice of the picture, check out these numbers RE venture capital and job creation in Arizona:  

  • $182 million in NIH funding in 2013;
  • NIH grants awarded: 414
  • to obtain research and venture-capital for start-ups:  43 from Arizona’s 3 universities from 2010-2013;
  • Arizona is home to 1219 bioscience business establishments

  • NIH awarded $48 million to AZ companies from 2004-2009
  • Venture capital firms invested additional $289 million during that period
  • Annual wages averaging $71,277 compared to avg private sector of $35,702
  • Clinical trials leading to breakthroughs for patients:  colorectal cancer, heart disease, alzheimer’s (‘brain pacemaker’), valley Fever and infant pneumonia

Lab innovation benefits patients:  The Walgreens – Theranos alliance –  Read how innovator Elizabeth Holmes, founder of Theranos, left Stanford in 2003 to found Theranos make waves in the lab industry.  Now they’ve partnered with Walgreens in Arizona to bring faster, better and lower cost blood lab services to patients.  District 15 Walgreens at 64th St. and Greenway was the first store to offer the services and where the official ribbon-cutting took place.  I was honored to help wield the scissors with the Governor’s office and Mayor Stanton.   And this Fall Theranos is setting up shop at Skysong in Scottsdale, hiring 500 Arizonans to deliver low cost lab services.  Watch recent coverage of Elizabeth Holmes, (America’s youngest female billionaire – and a dropout) here –  by CNN.

Mayo Hospital Corridor is expanding bigtime in North Phoenix:

Phx Children’s Hospital, doc target cancer – bringing cutting-edge treatments to seriously ill children

All great news for the Arizona economy.


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