Expect performance – Get performance!

June 17, 2014 by  

You might have missed the great reading progress made by Arizona students reported in the Arizona Republic.  It wasn’t painted in the most positive terms by its author.  The news that “Fewer than expected fail 3rd-grade reading” should be cause for celebration.  Why wasn’t it?

Maybe it’s hard to admit that it took legislation to drive reading achievement in schools that should be expecting it already.  Furthermore, the ‘Move On When Reading’ law passed in 2010 created a $40 million fund to help students achieve the common sense goal – $130 per student for remedial reading programs from K-third grade.

It’s  stunning what expectations can do.  Just three short years ago the Arizona Dept. of Education reported that 4,300 third-graders fell far below the state reading standard – and most were being promoted anyway – but because of ‘Move On When Reading’ only about 650 students are at risk for retention at this point.

The bottom line is the Legislature pushed for reading performance and today more of Arizona’s 3rd graders are reading at grade level.  That’s worth celebrating no matter WHO pushed for the change!


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