What if you were diagnosed ‘terminal’?

May 30, 2014 by  

Wouldn’t you want the option to try an experimental drug that might save or extend your life?

That option may be up to YOU, the Arizona voter.   This session, after learning what terminal patients go through to even be considered for a clinical trial to test  drugs in the FDA pipeline, the Arizona Legislature passed HCR 2005 , also known as the Terminal Patients Right-to-Try Act.  The measure allows patients diagnosed as terminal greater access to potentially life-saving drugs that have not completed final FDA approval.  The approval we’re talking about are drugs or therapies that have passed Stage 1, which means the drug won’t cause further harm to the patient, but the efficacy and side effects haven’t been fully vetted. 

Experimental drugs take upwards of 10 years before they are final-released for clinical use.  In the meantime, patients are dying waiting for the FDA’s stamp of approval when many may benefit and add months or years to their lives.  Doesn’t it makes sense to let patients and their doctors make the decision rather than a federal bureaucracy?

Read about some of the individuals who would like that opportunity:

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Arizonans will vote on right-to-try drugs measure

Voters still must approve the measure at the ballot in November.  My hope is they will.


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