Preventing a “Gosnell” in Arizona

April 13, 2014 by  

I can describe in one word why HB 2284 – the Women’s Health Protection Act – is needed in Arizona:  Gosnell.

If you recall, police found shocking evidence of inhuman activities going on behind the scenes in that Pennsylvania house of horrors including infanticide, incredibly disturbing health hazards such as prolific blood spatters, baby body parts in jars in refrigerators & cat urine stench.  The Gosnell trial also revealed that minors and untrained and unlicensed staffers had been assisting in the abortions.  All of this went on for decades due to a lack of oversight – including inspections.

In Arizona, abortion clinics are the only health care institutions exempt from unannounced health inspections.   But do we have reason to believe there are problems?  YES – absolutely yes.  Here are two:  

  • A Live Action undercover video revealed – in Arizona – that at least at this abortion clinic – a child who is born alive would not have the least chance of leaving that clinic alive.   A clinic employee was tape-recorded saying as much when asked directly.
  • The second involves an actual inspection of the Glendale Planned Parenthood conducted on February 10th of this year by the Arizona Dept. of Health Services as a result of a patient complaint.    The Dept. of Health found 14 pages of basic patient medical care deficiencies including inappropriate pre-op and post-op patient monitoring and a lack of documentation showing the workers involved were appropriately trained on ultrasound equipment or even licensed in their area of expertise.  Plus, ultrasound records lacked patient and staff identification.
  • It took 3 months before the Dept. of Health could coordinate all the parties & warrant necessary before the actual inspection of the Glendale facility took place.

How many other women could have been harmed because of substandard medical care in the meantime?   Should Arizona women be okay with that?  Planned Parenthood is.  And so are most Democrats in the Arizona Legislature, who voted against HB 2284.

Opponents of HB 2284 are also okay with the fact that, in Arizona, an adult other than a child’s parent –  can unlawfully assist a minor in obtaining an abortion without parental consent with impunity.  That “trusted adult” who is not a parent could be the perpetrator of a sex crime or rape against that minor.  Our laws are meant to protect minors against such people, but currently there is no penalty for that act.  HB 2284 would make that action a misdemeanor.

It’s time ALL medical facilities are inspected appropriately to protect the health of women in Arizona and that minor girls are protected from coercion and abuse.   Thankfully, Governor Jan Brewer agreed – and signed the Women’s Protection Act into law!   Provisions in the bill:

  • Hold abortion clinics to the same safety inspection standards as all other health care institutions.
  • Make it a misdemeanor for an individual to help a minor obtain an abortion in violation of Arizona’s parental consent requirements.
  • Require abortion clinics to report whenever an infant is born alive after a botched abortion and to report what steps are taken to save that child’s life.

Planned Parenthood supporters who oppose HB 2284 suggests that abortion clinics really do have systemic problems they would rather not address.  I’m not good with that.  Are you?





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  1. John Baunoch says:

    Thank you for your work on this bill.

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