Public schools don’t work for every child

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Courts uphold Empowerment Scholarship Accounts

On October 1st the Arizona Court of Appeals upheld Arizona’s landmark Education Savings Accounts 3-0,  again denying teachers’ unions efforts to strike down this school choice program and affirming that public education is not for everyone.  And in March the Arizona Supreme Court upheld the ruling – delivering a major victory to parents & students.

Adopted in Arizona in 2011, ESAs allow parents to direct their education tax dollars from a scholarship account designed to pay for private school tuition, online classes, educational therapies, tutoring, college tuition, and more for their children.  Eligible children include students in failing schools, with special-needs, and those adopted out of the state foster system.   This decision ensures that families who are relying on this innovative educational opportunity can continue to do so.

At least 6 other states, including Florida, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Oklahoma and Utah, are working to bring education savings accounts to their states, as well.

Where are we headed in the 2014 session?

HB 2139 makes important changes to the school choice Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) program by expanding the students that may participate in the program to include children that are eligible to enroll in a preschool program for children with disabilities and siblings of current ESA recipients. Passed the House; awaiting final votes in the Senate.

HB 2328 ensures that all Arizona students that qualify as disabled or displaced are able to take part in the Lexie’s Law school choice program and are not precluded from doing so by an unnecessary hurdle –   the “switcher” requirement that a student must have attended public school before enrolling in the school of their choice.  Passed the House; awaiting final votes in the Senate.

Who are these education scholarships helping?  Click here.

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