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The short unhappy life of ObamaCare – High rates a problem?  Solution: federal bailouts! Who knew?

Health insurers expected to raise rates for next year – AZ’s Dept. of Ins must release the rest of the rate requests by month’s end.

The White House’s 5 most egregiously unilateral changes to O-care – With a pen and a phone, who needs Congress?

Health Care is our other Afghanistan – As Repubs suggest privatizing VA, Obama regrets we’re not all in a VA-like system.

Consumer choice can help keep health-care costs down – Dr. Singer makes it so simple even a 3rd grader can get it.

How VA Hospitals are a Government-run disaster – Promising care is not the same as delivering it.

Rand Comes Clean: Exchanges only enrolled 1.4 million previously uninsured – Yep.  Read the real numbers.

Health Overhaul Delayed Further – ’til Oct. 2016 – that’s right before the election!

Another Part of ACA Delayed for a Year – How many more ‘delays’ will there be?

Full List of Obamacare Tax Hikes – Get ready…more of them come due in 2014.

Obamacare’s Looming Land Mine – Bankrupt patients will blame the providers, not the government who imposed the law.

Does Obamacare Discourage Marriage? – You bet.  Obama: “Fundamentally changing” America one institution at a time.

The Administration that coordinated the Obamacare website will soon coordinate your health care, too.  – How? Thru ACOs – liberals’ expression of faith in government control to save the system money.

Obama administration knew millions would be dropped from their insurance plans.  – but lied to Americans for 3 years.

Healthcare.gov pricing feature can be off the mark -….Way off!  Watch CBS news video.

Six-weeks Obamacare Individual Mandate Delay? – Fine, but involve Congress to do it!  We don’t have kings in America – or do we?

Ohio Board Approves Medicaid Expansion – What’s up with Kasich?  Guess they have “kings” in Ohio, too.

Americans Hate Obamacare but LOVE Affordable Care Act? – Jimmy Kimmel interviews the public – see video.  Houston, we have a problem.

Obamacare Website Failure Threatens Health Coverage for Millions of Americans – This from the (not exactly conservative) Huff Post!

Think Health Insurance is Expensive Now? Wait Until it’s Free –  Let’s hope Obamacare covers ‘sticker shock’!

How will you fare in the Obamacare Exchanges? – Heritage estimates by state – rates up 156% for Arizonans aged 27 and up.

Report:  Glitchy Healthcare.gov cost taxpayers more than $634 million to Build – Original cost?…$93million.  Depending on the day (see below)

Report: Final Cost of Obamacare Website Tops $1 Billion.  According to CGI Federal, who built the website.

White House will not say if Obamacare Website will be Fixed by March –  So will it or won’t it?  View the video.

Experts Say Exchange Technology needs Overhaul – It’s no “Travelocity.com” as first suggested.  Aren’t you glad Arizona didn’t take this on?

Could Obamacare cause more people to LOSE coverage than gain it?  –  Yes – and are we surprised?

Ahem: Feds still won’t say how many Actually Enrolled in Obamacare –  But we hear Sec. Sebelius may be coming out of hiding soon.

A Job Engine Sputters as Hospitals Cut Staff – USA Today – the jobless effects of health law.

The Doctor Won’t See You Now – You’re promised insurance, but will you be able to see a doctor?

Video: Pres. Obama in 2008 promising $2,500 less in premiums under Obamacare – Could he have meant to say $2,500 more?



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