The Missing Tile

July 26, 2013 by  

Are you prone to zero in on what’s wrong in life – even when most of the important things are going right?

In his book, “Happiness is a Serious Problem“, conservative talk host Dennis Prager describes it as ‘The Missing Tile Syndome’ in which, for example, despite having a beautifully appointed living room – furnished from end to end with loveliness – even a beautifully tiled ceiling, the homeowner constantly frets over the one flaw his eyes are drawn to every time he enters the room:  a missing ceiling tile.

Obsessing over the missing tile  makes him unable to enjoy every other part of the room and might even keep people from wanting to be around him if his attitude is unduly impacted.

Politically speaking, lest we repel others by being perpetually negative about our politics, we need to step back and look at the bigger picture, too.  It’s good for our political health.

Although last session was overshadowed by a few prominent “missing tiles”, perhaps we should recognize the progress we made.   On balance -Read session highlights here.    Read more good stuff here!




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