Arizonans deserve an apology

July 26, 2013 by  

Every session has its disappointments  –  but Arizonans should be more than disappointed that these major boo-boos were imposed upon them this session.  They deserve an apology – and to have these top 5 mistakes rectified.

#1     Obamacare Medicaid expansion

Top prize goes to the Governor’s push for the Obamacare Medicaid expansion., of course.  While all indications are that Obamacare is falling apart –  and ought to be repealed wholesale or piece by piece – Arizona CHOSE to entrench a key piece of the doomed plan – expansion of financially unsustainable Government health care:  Medicaid.  It’s going to hurt…

  • The poor –  who make between 100-133% of the poverty level will be denied private insurance on the exchanges and rather be  forced into Medicaid.
  • Arizona taxpayers – who will be on the hook for paying for the expanded program when the Federal government transfers its financial obligation to the states – through higher taxes
  • Arizona voters – who expect the Legislature to only hike taxes with 2/3 vote of the Legislature – not a simple majority
  • Women and the pre-born – read Medicaid Expansion and Abortion fact sheet

#2    SB 1069 – Important pro-life legislation – stopped in its tracks by the “Special Session coup crew”.   The amended SB 1069 would….

  • Allow state and county regulators to perform unannounced inspections of abortion clinics.  Unannounced inspections of abortion clinics are a logical protection for women.  Both the recent exposition of Kermit Gosnell and the Live Action Investigation of a Phoenix abortion clinic paint a very clear picture that justify an immediate change in regulations.  View video news coverage.
  • Would have significantly mitigated the damage of Obamacare expansion – by protecting Arizona tax payers from subsidizing abortion – a troubling reality as a result of expanding Medicaid.  Read more about SB 1069 here.

#3    Permanently doubled school bonding capacity

  • The 2013 budget, pushed thru mainly by Democrats, enabled a $400 million property tax increase!  This is even worse than HB 2399 which, if passed – would have increased them temporarily.  2399 was not heard in the Senate.
  • Re-ignites Arizona’s litigation risk for inequitable property taxes for school capital funding; Read ATRA’s view on the court case here.

#4    SB 1178 – Protecting  citizens’ Religious Liberties  vetoed by Governor Brewer during her moratorium on bills.  SB 1178 would…

#5   Foster Care Reforms – vetoed by Governor Brewer – SB 2144 would have

  •  Removed regulatory barriers in the overwhelmed CPS system –  making the foster care system better for children & parents.
  •  Enabled more seamless permanency to children in CPS.
  •  Helped make foster care licensing less burdensome.

These issues – large & “small” affect Arizona citizens.  The Legislature and/or the Governor let them down.


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