They’re trying to say “I love you”

August 28, 2012 by  

…but government RULES keep getting in the way.  State agency rules.

More than 13,000 children await permanent homes in Arizona.  At the same time, willing parents are turned away because they have not immunized their own children – many for medical reasons.   What’s wrong with this picture?

Susann and Dan Van Tienderen are one such family hoping to foster a child in Arizona.  But current agency rules prevent families whose biological children are not vaccinated from fostering in Arizona – even though the foster child would be.

This summer the Tienderen’s raised the issue to legislators, hoping to change the picture and help common sense to prevail.

Because it turns out an average 240-480 families are being turned away from fostering each year for this reason.  Each family can generally be licensed for 2 kids.  That’s an average of 480-960 children in one year that could have loving homes and families…but don’t.

One family is adopting a child from another state because of Arizona’s rule.

View the Van Tienderen’s story on AZ here.

Why is CPS protecting Arizona children right out of safe, permanent homes?  After several months, the agency has agreed to review the rules and allow for medical waivers, but as yet the waiver process has not been implemented and plans for a personal or religious exemption for these families is nowhere in sight.

Again…why is CPS “protecting” Arizona children right out of safe, permanent homes?  There really ought to be a law – and there probably will have to be.


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