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August 18, 2012 by  

You may have heard of the shenanigans the “Top -2 Primary” ballot initiative would cause if it becomes law in Arizona.   It’s an incumbent protection plan primarily (no pun intended) and virtually guarantees that no third party candidates would ever make it to a general election ballot.  And that’s just the beginning of sorrows.

So why the push now for an Open Primary system in Arizona?  The short answer is, promoters believe the current Legislature is too conservative and this will moderate the candidates.  Will it?  Doubtful. Read Robert Robb’s “Top – 2 Primary: No Magic Pill for Moderation.”

One thing is certain, though –  if everyone has the same ballot and can vote for any candidate in the primary, primaries will cease their functionality.

This is why citizens from every political persuasion – including minority groups, the ACLU, Libertarians and Republicans – have come together to challenge the legitimacy of the measure in court.  Unfortunately, the appeals court ruled it CAN appear on the ballot despite very real Constitutional concerns expressed here so…here’s where you come in.

Virtually 100% of the petition signatures for the “Top – 2” ballot initiative were collected by paid circulators and many circulators came from out of state.   These circulators are believed to have between a 30%-40% invalid signature ratio rate.   Volunteers are needed to verify the validity of those signatures – at your own home computer – the only chance now to keep the measure off the November ballot.   Hundreds of thousands will be spent to pass this at the ballot, so it will likely win if it’s on the ballot.

Contact get started.    You can volunteer a few hours to help with the effort – from home.  It’s not difficult, and can ensure that only valid signatures are counted so that the vote on this measure is a true & legitimate vote.

To read more about the Open Primary and all of the ballot intitiatves for November 2012, see this link.

Thanks for your help!


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