Obamacare…after the ruling

July 14, 2012 by  

Since the Supreme Court’s tortured argument upholding most of the law, its supporters are pushing harder than ever for states to immediately implement Obamacare Insurance Exchanges and expand Medicaid in the states – before a new Congress and President can repeal and replace it.

Who’s leading the charge?… MoveOn.org.   Their involvement should tell us a lot.

Also no surprise is health insurers, hospitals and health plans driving Legislative action to entrench the Obamacare immediately.  These entities will benefit most from millions of YOUR tax dollars through the Obamacare subsidies offered through the exchange and increased government Medicaid spending.  Unbelievably, subsidies will even fund families making up to $96,000 annually!

States shouldn’t buy it.  Texas isn’t .   Neither are Florida and South Carolina .  Eight states so far have decided NOT to expand Medicaid or set up state exchanges – complicating the path forward for Obamacare’s “success” and 25 states have not moved forward to establish state exchanges.

State officials shouldn’t buy the “state flexibility” rhetoric they’re selling, etiher.  HHS is still going to have the final word on all things exchange-related.  It’s in the law.

But will Arizona go this direction? Though it’s reported they’re taking it slow, they very well may – and Arizona taxpayers  will have to pay the cost to run them – which is the agreement – and we still have no idea how much it will cost us!  The AZ Capitol Times reported this week that despite the $30 million in Federal monies the state has spent already just to plan their establishment, the Governor’s office has no cost estimate.

Medicaid expansion is a BIG financial loser for states, too, with the “Phase-down” of federal monies and the “Woodwork” issues.  Read Forbes’ piece on this.  And Arizona would certainly lose, too. Eight states are refusing the Obamacare Medicaid expansion now that the courts have said the Feds can’t force them.  Arizona should join them – despite the rhetoric and the pressure.

Since the law’s passage in 2010, we know more about the law than ever — and HHS is releasing new rules and regs every month that tell us even more – especially the devastating consequences it portends to access to health care, health care premiums, our economy and national debt and our basic health care liberties.

Insurance Companies, Bureaucrats are Obamacare’s Big Winners.

What can you do? Ask your State Legislative candidates to stop Obamacare from taking root in Arizona.


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