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July 14, 2012 by  

  • You’ve seen our big Nancy Barto for Senate road signs all over District 15, which now extends from Scottsdale Rd. to 67th Avenue, and Cactus in some places to Carefree Hwy.
  • Need a yard sign?  Call or e-mail to receive a Nancy Barto for Senate yard sign for the General Election.  E-mail me at NancyBarto@cox.net or 602-569-4742 and we will drop one by.
  • Know YOUR district.  Former Legislative District 7 is now LD 15.  This Maricopa County Recorder link will tell you which voting districts you are in since the lines were changed due to the census and redistricting.  There are many voting districts – Congressional, Legislative, County Supervisor, Justice of the Peace…etc.!
  • To register to vote: click here.  Don’t miss this election!
  • Organize a voter registration event at your church for the General Election. Here’s all the information you need to get started:  click here.
  • Get to know the candidates!  They want to get to know you and your friends.  Call to schedule a “meet ‘n greet’.  602-569-4742.

Thank you for your support!!


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