Doctor Wrong on Health-Care Law

July 11, 2012 by  

Most Americans would agree with Dr. Leonard Kirschner that the federal  health- care law is not perfect; they’d likely say it’s a disaster (“Health-care  law does good,” Letters, Thursday).

Because insurers were forced to allow individuals under 26 to stay on their  parents’ policies and implement no-exclusions for children with pre-existing  conditions, at least 34 states are no longer offering child-only policies,  leaving many without affordable coverage at all and families with higher  premiums.

Secondly, what good will a $250 drug rebate be compared with 7.5 million  seniors losing their Medicare Advantage coverage and another 7.5 million facing  higher premiums and fewer benefits under the law? Medicare won’t be reformed  under the plan, either. Its trustees report the program’s quick slide to  insolvency as soon as 2016.

Perhaps the worst part is the doctor’s wishful thinking that the millions of  newly insured under the law would actually gain access to medical care with the  country’s current and projected shortage of physicians.

That also ignores the fact that 50 percent of all businesses and up to 80  percent of small businesses will be forced to drop current insurance and  purchase more expensive coverage under the new laws, meaning about 35 million of  us won’t be able to keep our insurance if we like it.

Let’s get Medicare off life-support for current and future seniors, repeal  “Obamacare” and replace it with reforms that will actually lower health-care and  insurance costs — and keep the doctor/patient relationship and quality health  care intact.

Sen. Nancy Barto, Phoenix

The writer is Republican chairwoman of the Arizona Senate Health Care and  Medical Liability Committee.

The above appeared in the July 10th edition of the Arizona Republic


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