Why I am running for the Senate

June 3, 2010 by  

Following the “mother” of all years for change with both the election of President Obama and a Democrat-controlled Congress, Americans are waking up to what all this change really means:

Unprecedented deficit spending and job-killing tax hikes to keep the spending pace going strong -government takeover of the health care, banking and auto industries, turning national security into a discussion of how bad America is rather than protecting us from radical Islamic terrorists  –  even balking at Arizona’s efforts to secure our border!

These and other concerns are driving folks to get involved again in their government.   That’s a good thing!   They’re  not only waking up  – they’re  pushing for new, committed leadership in Washington who will listen and do what is right for America.

This is what motivates me to stay involved in Arizona and to run for the State Senate.    We need leaders in Arizona who promote common sense ideas like:

  • Reduce tax and regulatory burdens to attract jobs!
  • Education reforms that raise academic achievement, reward good teachers and empower parents
  • Oppose over-reaching Federal mandates that threaten our freedoms
  • Health care reforms that lower costs and expand patient choice
  • Coordinate with the private sector to meet the needs of the community – stopping the cycle of welfare
  • Protect the rights of parents, the unborn, vulnerable adults & women

During my service in the Legislature, I have been a leader on these issues.  A few successful examples include:

  1. Property tax reduction – 2007
  2. Arizona Health Care Freedom Act – 2009
  3. Informed and Parental Consent for abortion – 2009
  4. End taxpayer funded abortions in AZ and Federal Healthcare exchanges –  2010
  5. Tort reforms & health insurance reform – 2009 & 2010
  6. Transparency in CPS, Foster care & adoption reforms – 2007 & 2010
  7. End social promotion & school choice expansion – 2010
  8. Expand and protect 2nd amendment rights – 2010
  9. Protect traditional marriage – 2008
  10. SB 1070, toughen human smuggling & Employer Sanctions laws – 2010, 2009 & 2007

Conservative Republicans are leading Arizona in a better direction than we’re heading nationally – economically and in virtually every other way.

We are making the difficult budget cuts needed to live within our means  –  reducing and transforming government  –  pushing economic policies that create jobs,  addressing illegal immigration and opposing the federal government’s intrusions on our state’s rights.

Restructuring government takes focused energy and time.  Cutting budgets and eliminating unnecessary government programs is critically important, but transforming government takes energy, commitment and knowledge of how agencies and departments work.

As Chair of the Health & Human Services Committee, I know there is much more to do – and I will keep at it until we have a government that is transparent, accountable, responsible and focused on its primary responsibilities.

Thank you for allowing me to serve.  It is a privilege that I take seriously and perform with all my heart.

I hope to continue to earn your support and your vote as I run for the State Senate  in District 7 this year – in the primary on August 24th and in the general election in November.


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