Obamacare upheld – still bad law

June 28, 2012 by  

Stopping Obamacare is now up to the American people.  The Court’s decision to uphold the mandate forcing Americans to purchase government-approved insurance based on its being a tax is deceptively disappointing – as it was sold to us expressly as NOT being a tax.

It said now the government can tax you for not purchasing something you don’t want!  Even for not buying broccoli?  Read Forbes’ analysis.On top of that, the law entails the largest tax increase in our nation’s history.  A $500 billion tax increase. And that is only the beginning.

It’s catastrophic to America’s health.

Now, the only way to save the country from ObamaCare’s budget-busting government takeover of health care is to elect a President and Congress who understand the answer to rising health care costs is not, and never will be, Bigger Government and more government control.

ObamaCare is hurting the economy and must be repealed.  Even though it has been held constitutional, it is still bad law.  Healthcare costs continue to increase exponentially – despite the web of new government rules and regulations.  It makes it harder for small businesses to hire workers and expand.  It limits Americans’ choice in healthcare and intrudes on the doctor-patient relationship and it creates trillions in new government spending we cannot afford, while slashing Medicare.

Only full repeal can reverse the damage and stop it from getting worse.

America needs real health care reform, and that means repealing ObamaCare.

We must enact commonsense, step-by-step reforms that keep health care decisions between patients and their doctors  – not dictated by the government. 

This is possible and Americans know it.

See Repeal and Replace with what?

Read the Supreme Court decision.


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