Regulators Win – Arizonans Lose

March 18, 2012 by  

People need health care.

The good news is volunteer physicians are prepared to deliver it – for free.  Not only across the ocean in Uganda and south of the border, but in the inner cities and on the Indian reservations across the United States, including Arizona.

The bad news is our regulations make it more difficult for them to serve their fellow man here i Arizona than across the world. So they don’t come here.

Enter a solution:  SB 1189. This bill would remove the chief obstacle standing between Arizonans in need of health care and the health care professionals ready, willing and duly licensed from other states – to serve them:  an Arizona-specific license.

Did I mention they were delivering FREE health care?  No cost to the government.  At all.

Unfortunately, and no thanks to some of Arizona’s most vocal regulatory boards’ objections,  the bill was stopped in its tracks in the House Health Committee.   This even after significant amendments were added to the bill addressing most of their unlikely “what if” scenarios.

Remote Area Medical is one organization working with volunteer physicians willing to deliver such care in Arizona. The founder of RAM is Stan Brock, formerly of NBC’s “Wild Kingdom” fame.  Since 1985 Stan Brock has committed his life to serving the health care needs of people around the world through medical missions and more recently, RAM is doing so in the neediest parts of the U.S.  You may view a 60 Minutes video clip here about RAM.

SB 1189 would have allowed otherwise qualified health care professionals to deliver free health care on a short term basis in Arizona without an AZ-specific license.  Illinois and Tennessee both have  exemptions in their state licensure laws addressing this issue.

Yet another example that “Government is not the solution to our problems.  Government IS the problem.” – Ronald Reagan


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