Palin Highlights Life

May 14, 2010 by  

Victory could not have been sweeter for pro-family citizens gathering to support the Center for Arizona Policy recently.  (Watch CAP’s new video – featuring Rep. Nancy Barto).

The evening event featured Governor Sarah Palin, who drew a crowd of 1600.  Palin’s inspiring story served to magnify one of the many victories realized this session for Arizona families and supporters of  The Center for Arizona Policy when Governor Jan Brewer, who attended the event,  signed into law one of the most significant pro-life bills of the session – SB 1305.

The new law ensures your tax dollars don’t pay for abortions in Arizona and opts the State of Arizona out of the National Health Care Abortion Mandate.  See photos of the live bill signing here.

Palin’s speech was dynamic, particularly while relating her personal story – a later-in-life pregnancy a few years back.

The first woman Governor of Alaska pregnant?  That isn’t how it was supposed to work.  Then, finding out your unborn child has Down’s syndrome and your unmarried daughter is pregnant at the same time!  That’s a lot for any family to handle, much less a Governor and in the political fishbowl.

The choices made to welcome and cherish life, lessons learned and the blessings she and Todd realized came through difficult and unexpected circumstances like these.  Everyday Arizonans identify with challenges like this.

Arizonans care how their leaders deal with life.  They also care whether their taxes pay for other peoples’ abortions.  More than 40 State Legislators surrounding Governor Brewer at the podium as she signed SB 1305 into law – is proof.


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