Legislators at work – at a hospital near you?

July 31, 2008 by  

Dr. Nancy Barto gave her first colonoscopy today and the news wasn’t good. The patient had quite a large tumor. You read that right. I didn’t have a colonoscopy. I actually got to perform one – on a mannequin, that is. Thankfully, there was no blood involved.

Several legislators and I completed the Banner White Coat Tour at Banner Good Samaritan’s Simulation Education and Training Center (SimET) today – a four hour affair designed to give us an appreciation for the latest in Virtual Healing technology in the valley. We delivered a baby, inserted a Central Line, practiced CPR and Code Arrest, Intubated and Scoped medical mannequins to our heart’s content.

These are no ordinary dummies. Some cost thousands of dollars. They breathe, blink, seize, bleed (blue water, of course), speak – as in complain, moan and joke, vomit and even give birth following simulated labor complete with programmable complications.

Much the same way pilots use simulators to train before flying an actual airplane, Banner’s SimET trains health care providers before they work on patients. Now, before hiring staff, hospitals can test their skills and help keep their skills in top form.

It’s a break from campaigning!


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