Immigration Bill Nears Passage

April 16, 2010 by  

The news is sobering.  Border violence is an everyday occurance and human smugglers move people across the Arizona border and into the interior like a sieve.  The recent shooting of Douglas rancher, Robert Krentz, is the most recent high profile victim, but it’s certainly not an isolated case.

Which is why moving Arizona Guardsmen to the Southern border is, again, being  urgently and seriously considered, along with other strategies proposed by Southern Arizona Cattlemen.

Arizonans deserve protection.

In addition, House Republicans moved comprehensive immigration enforcement legislation another step forward.  All Republicans supported the bill (35-21).   

If signed into law, SB 1070 will enable local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration laws when in the course of their regular public safety duties.  Read the  details about the bill here.   Now the measure returns to the Senate for a final vote and then on to the Governor.

Since 2006 the Arizona Legislature has passed tough employer sanctions to stop illegal hiring, laws denying public benefits to those in the country illegally and bail to those who commit serious felonies, among other laws aimed at stopping illegal immigration.

This legislation will allow local police to contact ICE when reasonable suspicion exists that a person is in the country illegally – but allows their discretion, as well, and constitutional protections for U.S. Citizens.

But the biggest source of the problem remains unaddressed – stemming the flow at the border.  

See Bills I’ve supported since taking office in 2006:  Immigration Bills Supported


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