Arizona Joins Healthcare Legal Battle

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While the liberal media and legal “experts” denigrate the notion that states should even contemplate spending either time or state resources on an Obamacare court challenge, Supreme Court Justice Breyer has added some gravitas to the question. 

The same “experts” who claim we have no standing in the healthcare lawsuit, nor that we have any chance of winning, also said we wouldn’t win on Proposition 200 and Employer Sanctions.  And the Florez ELL case we ended up winning in the U.S. Supreme Court saved the state hundreds of millions of dollars.  Read Justice Breyer’s comments here

Read Nancy’s My Turn, Unfunded Mandates Force States to Fight, from the April 6th Arizona Republic.   Unabridged version below in full:

The facts are simple:  Arizona cannot afford the recently-passed federal healthcare mandate.  The price tag according to AHCCS is essentially over $1 billion per year in new unfunded federal mandates that will be imposed immediately on the State of Arizona – with no relief until 2014.

Still, state legislative Democrats claim that this noxious bill will not cost our state a single cent.  Talk about deluded.

Perhaps petulant is a better word.  After all, Democrats continue to assail the GOP and Governor Brewer for the tough but necessary decisions to balance the budget this year.  There was no way the state could continue its vicious cycle of unlimited spending and increased borrowing to fund AHCCCS at its current level – which has grown to a whopping 26% of our budget.

This happened because in 2000 Arizona chose to proactively cover optional Medicaid populations – something that 44 other states have not done.  The Federal health care mandate now requires those 44 states to provide the same coverage as Arizona but funds the extra coverage, as well.  Alternative, Arizona is now being punished for our previous good deed, plus denied the necessary flexibility to keep our current program fiscally sustainable.  In short, Arizona has lost autonomy.

Individuals and businesses in Arizona lose autonomy, too, under the mandate to purchase and/or provide health insurance.  This Federal law is about much more than health care.  It’s about individual freedom and government control.

That is why Arizona is pushing back.

This week the Legislature enabled Governor Brewer and the State of Arizona to join 13 other states challenging the Federal government’s Constitutional authority to impose these mandates on our citizens.   Legislative Democrats balked, of course, and opposed the effort.  They continue to believe the state’s bank account is replenished by the stroke of a Presidential pen and act as if states are created as mere appendages of the Federal government – instruments to carry out its wishes.

Our Constitutional freedoms are worth defending.  And our Arizona Constitution demands a balanced budget.

We’ve acted on both.  This week’s actions and passage of the Healthcare Freedom Act in November will challenge Congress’ obtrusive actions – plus since January 2009, Arizona Republicans have come up with $9.6 billion dollars in budget deficit solutions.

What have the Democrats done?  Nothing but throw stones and suggest closing random “loopholes”, a euphemism for new taxes on vulnerable businesses struggling to keep their doors open and workers employed.  They have yet to produce a bill that would produce a balanced budget and that the Legislature could vote on.

Arizonanas know that in your personal finances, when your costs outgrow income, you must look for ways to cut back spending.  Under the new Federal mandates, we’ll have to cut even more from the state budget.  The problem is that even if we cut everything except education, public safety and state shared revenues, we still couldn’t pay for the new health care mandate.

The federal government has essentially hijacked our budget process and it’s time for the states to fight back.

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