….What’s Happening This Week?

February 14, 2010 by  

Bio-ethics legislation will be the focus this Wednesday when Sen. Linda Gray and I will hear two groundbreaking bills in our respective Senate and House Committees banning human cloning in Arizona (HB 2652) and ensuring informed consent for human egg donation (HB 2651) .  

Protecting human life and arming women with adequate information is critical as bioscience industries march full steam ahead without clear ethical guidance. 

Tort Reform.  The agenda also includes an important Tort Reform requiring the courts to raise the standard for expert testimony (HB 2492).  The change will lower the rate of frivolous lawsuits by strengthening the integrity of true experts who testify in malpractice cases and keep non-expert witnesses out of the mix.

Child Prostitution.  Thursday, House Judiciary will hear HB 2699, substantially strengthening the penalties for “Johns” committing child prostitution in Arizona.  The bill has the potential to end exploitation of young girls lured into prostitution and human trafficking by attacking the problem on the demand side of this growing insidious crime in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Bills are moving through the process fast and furiously.  For more updates, stay tuned!


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