Students to ‘Move on When Ready’

August 20, 2011 by  

The Center for the Future of Arizona reports about half of Arizona high school graduates require at least one non-credit, developmental math course.  And forty-one percent of incoming community college students require at least one pre-college course in reading or English before they can advance to college-level courses.

On the other end of the spectrum, a significant number of high achieving students fail to graduate because they’re bored, adding to Arizona’s 30% graduation failure rate.

If we expect college-ready high schoolers, we need to raise our standards and our expectations beyond the requirement that students pass a minimum skills 10th grade aims test!

Enter the Grand Canyon Diploma.  In 2010 the AZ legislature promoted groundbreaking legislation (HB 2731) enabling districts and charter schools to raise the bar for students.  It rewards student achievement – not seat time.

The GCD will allow students an opportunity to excel at an accelerated pace, graduate early and earn community college credit their last two years of high school while remaining on campus.

Fourteen AZ high schools across the state are preparing to offer the new diploma to  students this Fall.

View video and article at for more information.

Read the Goldwater Institute report on “Move on When Ready” reforms adopted by the Legislature.   The new policy keeping third graders who cannot read at grade level from “moving on’ to fourth grade, goes into effect next school year.


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