The Santa State

December 20, 2009 by  

….some at the Legislature have great faith  – they believe the State is akin to Santa Claus.  During this week’s fifth Special Session on the budget, analogies that State Government was acting like “Scrooge” and “the Grinch” because we were reducing state spending by $194 million, added some humor to the discussion, but not much reality.

After all, the characters in these fictions are private community members, not governments redistributing wealth through compulsory taxation.

Furthermore – how can government leaders continue spending taxpayer money at a rate  revenues don’t support?  With a $1.6 billion deficit remaining in this year’s budget (with only 6 months to go),  spending is hovering around $10. billion and revenues are only $6.5!  Seems a bit irresponsible, n’est ce pas?  Not to mention unconstitutional.

The minority party, nonetheless, seems not to recognize these realities.  Perhaps expecting holiday elves bearing bundles of cash – like in Washington. 

At every opportunity Democrats are unwilling to reduce government spending in the slightest.  And despite claims to the contrary, have not produced a detailed budget alternative they would support!

The fifth Special Session ending late Saturday morning reduced all state agency budgets by 7.5%, except Higher Educatin, K-12 and Corrections.

Reality demands, first, that government live within its means as families have been forced to do while experiencing job losses, furloughs and less income and businesses, likewise.  And second, the state must carry out a bold economic development plan that will create and sustain jobs in Arizona. 

The Goldwater Institute report on Reforming Arizona’s Tax Code lays out the principles on why this works every time it’s tried.

Watch for details in January.

In the meantime, Democrats continue to live in Whoville.


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