Familiar Phrases

November 14, 2017

“He was here four years ago and didn’t make much progress; so, I don’t see why he would do any better now.

He is not a good fit for our program.

If we allow him to stay and break our rules, others will break rules and hurt our program.

He should be elsewhere to overcome his drug problem and then return to work on his mental illness.
But, aren’t you a co-occurring facility?
Yes, but his drug problems are pretty severe and we focus more on mental illness. [Read more]

State #28 – Wisconsin!

November 10, 2017

Welcome, Wisconsin – the 28th state to pass a resolution calling for a Balanced Budget Amendments convention.  Now only six more states are needed to attain the requisite 34 states necessary for the amendments convention.  Exciting times for Americans concerned about the future fiscal health of our nation. Read the Wisconsin news piece and a plethora of news, photos and video coverage of the Phoenix BBA Planning Convention in September.

Thank you, Veterans!

November 10, 2017

One of my priorities next session is passing a bill (because it takes legislation to do so) to install a new monument at Wesley Bolin Plaza commemorating the 22 Veterans who suicide every day in America. The plans include an incredible bronze silhouette of Adam Hill Gibson, the son of a dear friend, Annette Hill – whose son lost his battle with PTSD in 2009 after serving in Iraq.

Monuments are not enough, though.  [Read more]

Early Fruit from ‘Right to Earn a Living’

November 10, 2017

Right to Earn a Living protections passed last session in SB 1437 are already paying off for people wishing to practice their professions in Arizona – proving that some regulatory boards in the state do indeed put burdensome impediments between prospective licensees and Arizonans in need of the services they can provide.   [Read more]