Plastic Bags?

October 28, 2017

What’s up with the Plastic Bags?  Are Legislators ‘out of touch extremists’, working for ‘shadow special interests’ and ‘engaged in a ‘reckless assault’ on local governments? Are we violating the Constitution?  So say 4 city councilpersons this week in the AZ Republic.  [Read more]

Physicians for Freedom

October 20, 2017

Once you’ve tasted freedom and lost it – your perspective changes.  Physicians (not to mention millions of patients) have tasted the effects of overbearing Obamacare mandates: lost practice autonomy, forced into narrow networks, forced into electronic health records systems and all its “box-checking”, practice consolidations – oh – and the low reimbursement rates under the Medicare and Medicaid programs. But many are not taking the losses lying down.  [Read more]