Keep it RED Summer Fun!

July 26, 2017

At the home of the Representative Maria Syms and Dr. Mark Syms

Representative Maria Syms & Dr. Mark Syms • Chris Herring, Maricopa County Chairman
Secretary of State Michele Reagan • Senator Nancy Barto • Senator Kate Brophy McGee
Representative Heather Carter • Representative Michelle Ugenti-Rita
Phoenix City Councilman Jim Waring • Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates
Honorable Barry Wong • Jeff Schwartz • Michael Francis

Congressman David Schweikert • Honorable John Shadegg • Honorable Barry M. Goldwater, Jr.
MCR Officers: Aaron Flannery, Yvonne Cahill, Cindy Casaus and Sheila Muehling

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On tax reform, the 4 Amigos may be right

July 17, 2017

On tax reform, the 4 amigos may be right! – Merry Christmas, America!

Confirmed! First Liberty Volunteer Attorney Appointed as Federal Appeals Judge – As 2017 closes, the U.S. Senate breaks an all-time record.

The Court chooses politics over common sense – more Medicaid money crowds out education & other needs .

Ariz. Supreme Court deals blow to taxpayer rights – “Classic case of taxation without authorization.” Christina Sandefur.

Four Questions about Alexander-Murray – is it “regular order”? Abortion coverage?

Arizona is Ready for Repeal and Replace – my recent editorial piece. [Read more]

Community Steps Up on Adobe Mt.

July 15, 2017

A little over a year ago North Phoenix residents found out – after the fact – that the Adobe Mountain Juvenile Detention Center would serve other purposes, some presenting very real potential safety risks to surrounding neighborhoods and businesses.  Many thanks to Julie Reed and Ann O’Brien for sounding the alarm and working with Reps. John Allen, Heather Carter, myself and state officials to find solutions.  Mirror Legislation was introduced in the House and Senate and Gov. Ducey signed HB 2133 into law this Spring.

Statutes now ensure meaningful community notification BEFORE there is a change in Corrections facility use.   Ann & Julie did a great job involving the community and keeping everyone informed along the way – as well as providing serious testimony on the bills throughout the process.  Read more here.

Morning Scoop features Sen. Barto

July 15, 2017

Obamacare Repeal: What do Arizona health care leaders think? Join me July 25th for a panel discussion at Alexi’s on Central for The Morning Scoop.  Check out event details and RSVP today here. [Read more]

Politics & Culture

July 4, 2017

[Read more]

Article V Planning Committee names Townsend, Barto

July 4, 2017

Article V Planning Committee is named and held its first meeting June 27th, 2017.

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Members of the planning committee for the Arizona Balanced Budget Amendment Planning Convention have elected Representative Kelly Townsend (R-16) as chairman and Senator Nancy Barto (R-15) as vice-chairman. [Read more]

Independence Day-How do you Celebrate?

July 4, 2017

Happy Independence Day!!

Everyone looks forward to getting away – (from the heat!) – or spending time with family & friends on the Fourth of July.  And fireworks.  But the Fourth means so much more when its historical context and meaning comes to life.  For me, tuning into radio programs like Dennis Prager & Michael Medved on this holiday helps me better appreciate our country and how blessed I am to be an American.  Check these out, too: [Read more]