Mandates: The decision before the decision

October 5, 2012

Lobbying money is flowing freely at the Capitol these days to convince Arizona legislators to implement the core provision of Obamacare  in Arizona:  a state-run Health Insurance Exchange – through which hundreds of millions in subsidies will flow from Washington to insurers participating in the exchange – as well as other key information – like tax, personal health & employment information – etc.

The Governor seems intent on implementing one, and has already applied for a $30 million planning grant to do just that – but  so far most Republican legislators in the state have balked at legislation required to fund it.  In fact, Sen. Pierce sent members a letter by U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch pressing HHS for more transparency & detail without which states would be foolish to make a decision to fund and run a huge new bureaucracy.

However....most legislators had no idea another key decision was made this week by the Governor: mandating the kind of health insurance citizens will be forced to purchase  under the law.    Here’s what I communicated to fellow legislators following the Governor’s action – which obviously flew deep under the radar:   [Read more]