They’re trying to say “I love you”

August 28, 2012

…but government RULES keep getting in the way.  State agency rules.

More than 13,000 children await permanent homes in Arizona.  At the same time, willing parents are turned away because they have not immunized their own children – many for medical reasons.   What’s wrong with this picture? [Read more]

DocTalk with Senator Barto

August 28, 2012

DocTalk Radio  is a televised radio show focused on your health.  Recently, DocTalk Radio host Dr. Anne Borik invited Sen. Barto to join the program.  Listen to these short program segments…

How is Obamacare going to affect patients?

How do we address the high cost of health care?

How do we deal with the uninsured?

Log on to every Wednesday at 1pm Arizona time! [Read more]

Kids and learning – it’s not miraculous

August 28, 2012

“I have an 8-year old in third grade, and she’s doing great,”  said an excited African-American mother whose child was a recipient of one of 2,666 education scholarships.  “It’s miraculous the way she has changed.”  It really wasn’t a miracle – it was opportunity.

When students in failing schools are given better options, guess what?  They excel!  Just last week, in fact, Brookings Institution researchers’ released a much-anticipated report proving the fact.  The study tracked African-American kids in Albany, NY – chosen at random by lottery – from Kindergarten through college.  The lucky kids chosen to receive education scholarships to attend a private school were 24% more likely to attend college than those who were not so fortunate.  And at less than half the cost!  They tracked 2,666 students out of 20,000.  Read the study here.

Arizona, unlike New York, continues to expand students’ learning opportunities – especially for kids trapped in failing schools and other at-risk students.

But options alone are not enough!  If we expect college-ready high school graduates, we must raise our standards beyond the requirement that students pass a minimum skills 10th grade aims test!  Our 200 year old education model is leaving U.S. students in the dust –  below the OECD average. Here’s how we’re changing that in Arizona:    [Read more]

Verify the “Jungle Primary” Vote

August 18, 2012

You may have heard of the shenanigans the “Top -2 Primary” ballot initiative would cause if it becomes law in Arizona.   It’s an incumbent protection plan primarily (no pun intended) and virtually guarantees that no third party candidates would ever make it to a general election ballot.  And that’s just the beginning of sorrows.

So why the push now for an Open Primary system in Arizona?  The short answer is, promoters believe the current Legislature is too conservative and this will moderate the candidates.  Will it?  Doubtful. Read Robert Robb’s “Top – 2 Primary: No Magic Pill for Moderation.” [Read more]

2012 Endorsements

August 18, 2012

AZ Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Phoenix Chamber of Commerce – view list of endorsed candidates

East Valley Chamber of Commerce Alliance – Friend of Business – 96% rating

Realtors of Arizona PAC

Arizona Right to Life

Arizona Academy of Family Physicians

AzCDL (Arizona Citizens Defense League)

NFIB – National Federation of Independent Business

National Rifle Association – A- rating

Americans for Prosperity – Friend of the Taxpayer

Arizona Society of Practicing Accountants PAC

Arizona State Contractors Coalition

Arizona Farm Bureau Federation (AgPAC)

Arizona Multi-Housing Association

Goldwater Institute 2012 Legislative Report Card