No B.A.U. for 2011

January 4, 2011

Business As Usual will not be on the menu when the Arizona Legislature convenes on Jan. 10th. 

Judging from the November election, voters demand more – and the new majority is chomping at the bit to deliver.

  • a balanced budget
  • a healthy business environment 
  • higher academic standards, more choice and accountability
  • stronger families
  • fewer regulations
  • re-asserting our state’s rights
  • curbing illegal immigration
  • HOA and pension reform
  • and last but not least…. health care reforms that reduce costs & increase access to insurance. [Read more]

Post Election Wrap – What’s Next

January 4, 2011

We did it.  We won and – we won big.

Due to a tremendous grass roots awakening – Americans engaged in their government and demanded an end to the outrageous growth of government spending and control, especially in Congress –  the Arizona Legislature has a more conservative Republican majority than ever!

Both chambers now hold a supermajority –  21 Republicans to 9 Democrats in the Senate and 40-20 in the House.  This is a dramatic increase from last term when the numbers were 17-13 and 35-25 respectively. [Read more]