Barto: Improve business climate

September 18, 2010

Observing the “change” wrought over the past two years, we are coming to terms with the results – unprecedented deficit spending and job-killing tax hikes to keep the spending pace going, government takeovers, and lawsuits against states that dare enforce immigration laws rather than doing its job to effectively secure the border.

These concerns and others are compelling citizens to get involved and demand leaders listen and do what is right for America and Arizona.  This motivates my run for the Arizona State Senate.  

We need leaders who promote common sense ideas that people support – because they work[Read more]

NFIB endorses Barto for State Senate

September 9, 2010

NFIB/Arizona praises lawmaker for her 100-percent, pro-small business voting record

PHOENIX, Ariz., August 31, 2010 – The political action committee of Arizona’s leading small business association today announced its endorsement of Rep. Nancy Barto for election to the open Legislative District 7 seat in the Arizona Senate.

“Rep. Barto has a fundamental appreciation of the fact that small businesses are not smaller versions of big businesses, but instead have distinctively different difficulties in remaining solvent,” said Farrell Quinlan, NFIB/Arizona state director, who listed taxes (more than 80 percent of small business owners are single filers, meaning personal, not corporate, tax rates matter more to them), healthcare (less than half of small business owners in America can afford it), and regulations (small business owners pay almost twice as much to comply with the same regulation as big businesses do) as the three biggest differences. [Read more]

Foster Parent Heroes

September 9, 2010

They’re happy.  They’re surrounded by kids day and night.  And it seems they’re always on the lookout for more.  They’re “Out of this World” foster and adoptive parents.

Sunday, August 8th the Arizona Association for Foster & Adoptive Parents  held their “Courage for Children” awards luncheon for them at the Lexus Club in the US Airways Arena before a Phoenix Mercury game.  The kids were there, too, of course.  Everything is always about the kids  (They were allowed exclusive access to the Gorilla Greenhouse later that day I understand).

But before the kids got theirs – the parents were given overdue recognition before their families and peers.  [Read more]