My Turn – District 7 Senate Primary

July 29, 2010

As a legislator, integrity means acting upon and voting according to the values and principles voters expected when they cast their ballot for me. By supporting bills and crafting budgets that restrain government, restore individual rights, protect the most vulnerable, stop illegal immigration (including SB 1070), oppose unconstitutional Federal mandates, and support accountability, standards and choice in education – I have proven to consistently and effectively represent my constituents.

Experience alone shouldn’t be the reason voters return any lawmaker to office – but it matters.

Government, by its very nature, increases and expands.  Revolving lawmakers must figure out how agencies and their funding schemes work, often missing critical opportunities to substantially change them. Restructuring government is a tedious process, but it must be done.  I am prepared to continue this work while promoting a business-friendly tax environment to create jobs.  [Read more]

Gun laws criminals love to ignore

July 29, 2010

Restrictive gun laws imply we’re more worried about lawful citizens carrying guns than criminals.   After all – who actually obeys these laws?

– that’s why the Arizona Legislature restored “constitutional carry” rights and passed several other pro-2nd amendment bills this session including SB 1108, eliminating the government-required CCW permit to carry a weapon openly in Arizona (where legal to do so, of course).

Some argued removing the training and CCW permit requirement to openly carry would result in anarchy and mayhem but check out these fact sheets.   They do one thing very well, though – they deter lawful citizens from carrying a weapon and defending themselves, which increases crime. [Read more]

Congressional Support for Arizona law

July 29, 2010

Citizens here and across America aren’t the only ones in support of Arizona’s SB 1070.  Count many in Congress in, too.

Read Congressman Trent Franks’ press briefing: 81 Members of Congress File ‘Friend of the Court’ Brief Supporting Arizona in US v. Arizona

Of course, now we’ve learned that U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton issued an injunction blocking major provisions of the law until the courts further deliberate.

Read what’s blocked and what’s not in the Arizona Capitol Times report. For the complete amended version of SB 1070, click  here. [Read more]

Balancing egg donation and infertility treatment

July 29, 2010

Young women who Google “egg donation” can find plenty of people interested in them.  In their eggs , that is – if they pass the test.  Buyers often want to know a lot about a woman before creating their own offspring using her eggs including body type, ethnicity and intelligence quotient.    Others are less interested in those particulars.  They simply want eggs.  Lots of eggs. [Read more]