AZ Adopts Sweeping Ed reforms

May 14, 2010

Besides the important move to ban racially charged ethnic studies programs like Tucson’s La Raza, a bill sponsored by Rep. Steve Montenegro and highly promoted by Supt. Tom Horne (watch FOX interview here), the legislature advanced a host of substantive education reforms that were instrumental in increasing academic performance in Florida by 18% in a few short years…

…Including the following: [Read more]

Palin Highlights Life

May 14, 2010

Victory could not have been sweeter for pro-family citizens gathering to support the Center for Arizona Policy recently.  (Watch CAP’s new video – featuring Rep. Nancy Barto).

The evening event featured Governor Sarah Palin, who drew a crowd of 1600.  Palin’s inspiring story served to magnify one of the many victories realized this session for Arizona families and supporters of  The Center for Arizona Policy when Governor Jan Brewer, who attended the event,  signed into law one of the most significant pro-life bills of the session – SB 1305. [Read more]

Child Prostitution on the run

May 14, 2010

Some day may it not be said that Phoenix, Arizona is ‘home’ to over 300 underage girls trapped in prostitution – average age:  13. 

Because it’s not so now. 

Most are lured into the seedy life through false pretences,  abuse, manipulation and intimidation.  Their lives or their family’s lives are often threatened beyond belief and they can imagine no way out.

Up ’til now current law hasn’t helped.  It allows the “john” to escape criminal prosecution for what is often incredibly violent sexual abuse because he has been able to claim not knowing the girl was a minor – so prosecutors haven’t bothered even trying to bring charges.   A “Normal” prostitution charge would only bring a $50 fine.  [Read more]

CAP Video features Barto

May 14, 2010

Do you support Education options for all students?   Strong families & marriages?  Protections for women and the unborn?  Religious freedom?
View the Center for Arizona Policy’s video featuring Rep. Barto.

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