Barto on Illegal Immigration

April 16, 2010

  • Arizona Special Missions Unit – SB 1083 – Supported  3/1/12
  • Border Security – SCR 1014 – Supported  2/9/12
  • License Eligibility – Authorized Presence – HB 2102 – Supported  4/12/11
  • Government Publications – English Only – SB 1409 – Supported 3/21/11
  • Immigration Legislation Challenges – SB 1117 – Supported 1/26/11
  • Law Enforcement – Safe Neighborhoods – SB 1070 – Supported 4/13/10 [Read more]

“Waving their little teabags”

April 16, 2010

I guess I’m a malcontent.

Just like hundreds of thousands of Tea Partiers protesting across America – 7,000 at Tempe Diablo Stadium alone in Arizona (click here for details!) – on April 15th – TAX DAY –  to remind Washington that we’ve been Taxed Enough Already!  There is a limit to how much confiscatory government we will take – both of our freedoms and levels of taxation.   

We’ve reached that limit.

In fact, we are  close to reaching the tipping point where most Americans pay few, and 47% pay no, personal income taxes while becoming more dependent on government benefits. [Read more]

Arizona Joins Healthcare Legal Battle

April 16, 2010

While the liberal media and legal “experts” denigrate the notion that states should even contemplate spending either time or state resources on an Obamacare court challenge, Supreme Court Justice Breyer has added some gravitas to the question. 

The same “experts” who claim we have no standing in the healthcare lawsuit, nor that we have any chance of winning, also said we wouldn’t win on Proposition 200 and Employer Sanctions.  And the Florez ELL case we ended up winning in the U.S. Supreme Court saved the state hundreds of millions of dollars.  Read Justice Breyer’s comments here

Read Nancy’s My Turn, Unfunded Mandates Force States to Fight, from the April 6th Arizona Republic.    [Read more]

Is YOUR school “performing”?

April 16, 2010

A better question might be, “What is a PERFORMING school”?  Parents likely don’t know that a “PERFORMING” school falls within the bottom third for academic performance – especially since some schools proudly emblazon the label on their school building or marquee for all to see!  [Read more]

Immigration Bill Nears Passage

April 16, 2010

The news is sobering.  Border violence is an everyday occurance and human smugglers move people across the Arizona border and into the interior like a sieve.  The recent shooting of Douglas rancher, Robert Krentz, is the most recent high profile victim, but it’s certainly not an isolated case.

Which is why moving Arizona Guardsmen to the Southern border is, again, being  urgently and seriously considered, along with other strategies proposed by Southern Arizona Cattlemen.

Arizonans deserve protection.

In addition, House Republicans moved comprehensive immigration enforcement legislation another step forward.  All Republicans supported the bill (35-21).    [Read more]