State Senate Press Release

January 27, 2010

Representative Barto to run for Arizona Senate

PHOENIX, AZ: January 25, 2010

Representative Nancy Barto announced today that she will run for the Arizona Senate seat being vacated by Senator Jim Waring, Legislative District 7, which includes northeast Phoenix, Cave Creek and Carefree.

“After serving nearly three terms  in the Arizona House of Representatives, I am looking forward to our campaign for the Arizona Senate.  Serving District 7 has been a privilege – particularly working to protect citizens’ healthcare freedom.  As a result, this November all Arizonans will have the opportunity to vote for the Health Care Freedom referendum.  There is probably no greater issue on the minds of the voter than what will impact their health care in the future”, Barto said. [Read more]

2010 Legislation Primer

January 19, 2010

First, a short primer on sponsorship of legislation.

What’s the difference between a prime sponsor of a bill and a co-sponsor?

When legislators say they “sponsored” a bill, it usually means they are the prime prime sponsor, which entails shepherding the bill from start to finish through the process in one or both Legislative chambers.  It can become confusing because sometimes legislators check off the box as ‘prime’ sponsor, when they are really not the ‘prime prime’ sponsor, but a co-sponsor.  One can find out who is the ‘prime prime’ sponsor, by going to the bill version itself.  The first name listed on the bill is the ‘prime prime’ sponsor. 

Confused?  Don’t be.  When you click on a bill I co-sponsored, such as HB 2148 – Adoption, a bill which gives adoption preference for married couples, you will see an option to click on sponsors.  Rep. Warde Nichols is listed first and is the prime sponsor.  Everyone else, including me, is actually a co-sponsor.

When legislators “co-sponsor” a bill, it means they are generally supportive of the measure, but do not have the primary responsibility of garnering the necessary votes for it or getting it through the process. 

So far this session these are some of the more notable bills I sponsored and am shepherding through the process: [Read more]


January 18, 2010

Do you stand for LIFE?  Sanctity of Life Sunday is this coming Sunday, January 24th and a march and rally commemorating the anniversary of Roe v. Wade will feature state and national pro-life leaders.  Drop by my table and say ‘hello’ – I will be speaking, as well.  It’s a lovely park – so bring the family.

Steele Indian School Park at 1:00 p.m. – or join the march before the rally at 1:00.  Check out the event flyer for details about both plus the diaper drive on the Arizona Right to Life website. [Read more]

Real Healthcare Reforms this Session

January 18, 2010

Yes, we can walk and chew gum at the same time.

Lest Arizonans become budget-weary, citizens should know Legislators are working for them on many issues this session – including medical liability reforms that, if passed, will actually reduce health care costs and increase the numbers of physicians and other medical professionals willing to practice medicine here in Arizona.  Unlike the so-called healthcare reforms bills in Congress.

Arizona has a significant physician shortage compared to the national average:  219/100,000 people versus 293/100,000.   And our rural communities fare even worse at 124/100,000.  Our aging and growing population will only compound the problem if the issue is not addressed – and soon.

At least five medical liability (tort) reforms will be debated, and hopefully, passed this session – including: [Read more]

A Strong Economy takes more than TALK

January 18, 2010

Despite the gloomy budget outlook, Legislators are leading Arizona’s prospects for robust job recovery to a whole new level – upward.  And since Arizona’s  business climate presents more of a steady crosswind than the friendly tax environment businesses seek, it’s not a moment too soon.

Prosperity doesn’t just happen – states need to promote and intentionally plan for growth.  Which is what HB 2250, the Arizona Job Recovery Act , is all about.   It is largely based upon findings from a report commissioned by House Republicans by Elliott D. Pollack and Company, which states in part: [Read more]