AZBio awards Rep. Nancy Barto for Public Service

December 20, 2009

Companies, institutions and individuals across the state are recognized by the Arizona BioIndustry Association at their 2009 annual awards dinner this Fall.

Public Service Award

The person in Arizona who is currently serving or has served in a publicly elected capacity at a city, county, state or federal level and has demonstrated leadership that has contributed most significantly to the enhancement of the business climate for bioscience companies in the state.

Rep. Nancy K. Barto, District 7, Arizona House of Representatives ‐ In her important role as Chairman of the Health & Human Services Committee, Rep. Barto has demonstrated a unique interest and concern for the advancement of the Arizona bioscience industry. This year, Rep. Barto sponsored important legislation to support the health care of the citizens of Arizona, including a bill that allows pharmacists to administer certain medications, lowering consumer costs and improving public safety.

Click here for full press release.  [Read more]

Islam and the Middle East

December 20, 2009

Concerned about President Obama’s transferring accused terrorists to New York to be tried in civilian courts?  Brigitte Gabriel’s speech before The Heritage Foundation may help convince those who may not be. 

Gabriel, founder of  ACT! for America , shares her own experience growing up in Lebanon – and a history of the region like you’ve never heard it before. 

Several  involved District 7 constituents recommended the links and I thought them extremely informative – especially after attending the AIPAC (American-Israel Public Affairs Committee) annual breakfast on Sunday.   Joe and I have had the privilege of attending the event for the last three years.  We greatly appreciate the job they do informing local, state and congressional elected officials of issues pertaining to Middle East foreign policy and educating the next generation on the importance of a strong U.S.-Israel alliance.

Join us and expand your knowledge on this issue.

Why Congress’ Healthcare Bill is Bad for Arizona

December 20, 2009

Congress’ Healthcare “Reform” bill is a mere handful of votes shy of passage. Far from achieving the objectives of providing healthcare to all Americans and lowering costs, Arizona citizens can count on these outcomes instead:

Fundamental changes in the standard of care.  While more people may technically be “covered”, over-utilization of services will lead to longer waits for health care and inevitable rationing of care.  Not to worry, though.  The bill plans for this.   A 15 member health commission, much like those in countries with similar nationalized healthcare, will have extraordinary powers to dictate what is covered, for whom and how it will be paid for. [Read more]

The Santa State

December 20, 2009

….some at the Legislature have great faith  – they believe the State is akin to Santa Claus.  During this week’s fifth Special Session on the budget, analogies that State Government was acting like “Scrooge” and “the Grinch” because we were reducing state spending by $194 million, added some humor to the discussion, but not much reality.

After all, the characters in these fictions are private community members, not governments redistributing wealth through compulsory taxation.

Furthermore – how can government leaders continue spending taxpayer money at a rate  revenues don’t support?  With a $1.6 billion deficit remaining in this year’s budget (with only 6 months to go),  spending is hovering around $10. billion and revenues are only $6.5!  Seems a bit irresponsible, n’est ce pas?  Not to mention unconstitutional. [Read more]