Cave Creek Students Bring Veterans’ Lives to Life

November 21, 2009

Veterans deserve our thanks on Veterans Day, to be sure.  But Cave Creek high school students said “thank you” in a way that honors them on Veterans Day and well beyond.   Perhaps more importantly, they have found a way to help themselves and fellow Falcons appreciate Veterans in ways that will make a lasting imprint – perhaps for life. 

Look what Cactus Shadows High School students have been doing to honor Veterans in Cave Creek – read about the Cactus Shadows Arizona Heritage Project.  They have compiled three amazing books, each one filled with detailed life and military stories.  I have all three of them,  many of them signed by the Veterans themselves who shared their experiences with the students and their parents at the celebrations honoring them.  

Here is a recent article about the project from The Rodel Foundation of Arizona online: Oral History Project.  Congratulations, Cactus Shadows!  And Thank you, Veterans!

Healthcare Myths, Facts & Gimmicks

November 21, 2009

Cutting Deals.      Sen. Reid added $100,000 in aid for Louisiana’s Medicaid insurance program to secure Sen. Mary Landrieu’s support and struck a deal with Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden to increase eligibility to purchase from the exchanges by a million.

Who is the AMA speaking for?          Only 17% of physicians are members of their national or state Medical Associations.  Why AARP?… Follow the Money.  With $400 billion slashed from Medicare and Medicare Advantage, one wonders – turns out more than 1/2 of its $1.1 billion budget comes from royalty revenues from Medigap insurance.  Read Oct. 27th Article:

Support/opposition in Silos.       The hospitals are unhappy with the deal because of penalties included that will punish them for readmitting patients too often.  Insurance companies are unhappy because the individual mandate to purchase insurance doesn’t penalize people enough to make it work.  Pharmaceutical companies are in support in exchange for non-competitive price guarantees.  Is anyone thinking about the patient? 

More than Taxes.         The Senate bill will not only tax medical devices (wheelchairs, etc.) but register them.  [Read more]