Tea Partiers Engage in Arizona

September 22, 2009

While 1.8 million Americans gathered in D.C.  to protest the direction Congress and the President are taking the country, 1,500 excited Arizonans gathered at Arizona’s State Capitol for the same reason – In case you missed it, here are my remarks:

I have a question for you – if you tuned into the President’s health care speech to Congress this week, were you convinced?  I didn’t think so.  I didn’t think so because you’re here!   And I would be willing to bet not a soul paid you to be here.  You heard about the ad on Craig’s list offering $10-$15 to Obamacare supporters to help them get their reformplans through.  And they call US “astroturf”! [Read more]

Bias Passes for News in front page “Analysis”

September 7, 2009

I guess it’s easier to throw stones to create a dramatic story than due diligence reporting the real one – the tremendous challenge of closing a $3 billion state revenue shortfall during the nation’s worst economic recession in the last 30 years.   There’s drama enough without making stuff up.  Admittedly, Ron Gould creates some, too. 

Rather than a real analysis of the budget session, Sunday’s front page budget “analysis”  is merely a preamble to the two full page blasting of Legislative leadership in the real editorial pages. [Read more]

AZ Pharmacy Alliance Awards Rep. Barto

September 7, 2009

HB 2164, when enacted at the end of September, will allow certified pharmacists to administer immunizations to adults without a prescription.   And part of HB 2564, the Abortion Consent Act, updates important rights of conscience provisions concerning pharmacists and physicians who object to prescribing medications that cause abortion.  Both bills enhance and support the pharmacy profession. [Read more]

Following the Crowd

September 7, 2009

Going along with the crowd is not usually advice we recommend our children follow, but joining the ranks of “We the People”, Phoenix’s  Project 9-12 Tea Party event, is definitely different.    After all, our children need to learn that standing up for Liberty in America is worth ditching Saturday cartoons for – maybe mowing the lawn, too. [Read more]

Universal Coverage Achievable Without More Government

September 7, 2009

Saturday, September 05, 2009

We all want the same thing – protection from catastrophic illness and the security of affordable health coverage in the future.  To their credit, Americans have read the bills working their way through Congress and are objecting to the health care rationing and control over their health care quality and decisions. Can we achieve health care solutions without Obamacare?  Absolutely! [Read more]