New Pro-life laws protect women

August 10, 2009

The high point for me this session was Governor Brewer’s signature on the most significant pro-life legislation in Arizona history after years of seeing these efforts pass the legislature year after year only to meet the former governor’s veto stamp. 

After speaking at the Arizona Women Lawyers Association last week on the Abortion Consent Act, it is clear there are questions about what these changes will mean – and how they will benefit women, parents and medical professionals:  [Read more]

What do they want…the moon?

August 10, 2009

Yes – like many states dealing with record revenue-deficits with this recession, the Arizona Legislature still has not passed a budget.   But we should have – weeks ago.

We passed a budget June 30th without the dreaded one cent sales tax referral but, as promised, Governor Brewer vetoed it because it didn’t refer the tax increase to the ballot. Since then, in the current special session, Legislative leaders and Governor Brewer have focused on including one of the most important points of the Governor’s FIVE POINT PLAN to the budget mix – tax reform.  What could be called the most significant economic-recovery drivers in the nation is now part of the Arizona’s budget package – if they can get it done this week in the Senate. [Read more]

How Much is a Trillion?

August 3, 2009

I loved Stephen Moore’s recent description of a trillion dollars:  If LeBron James’ goal was to make a trillion $ playing basketball (okay, including endorsements), how many seasons do you think he would have to play at $40 million a year?  [Read more]

3 Ways to Let Your Voice be Heard

August 2, 2009

President Obama’s approval rating has fallen toward 50% over the last month – it’s even lower than that for his handling of the economy and healthcare.  But he is still not getting the message that putting the Federal Government in charge of our health care – 18% of the economy –  is not our idea of reform.

When some bureaucrat comes between you and your healthcare – deciding who receives what health care and how much – that’s the ultimate impediment to access to health care.  We need real reforms that increase options for patients – not limit them.

Your voice matters.  Here are 3 ways to show your opposition: [Read more]

Arizona Making News

August 2, 2009

The Arizona Healthcare Freedom Act is making headlines all over the U.S.!  Since FOX news and MSNBC picked up on Arizona’s actions to protect patients’ healthcare decisions, national radio hosts, newspapers and mags have been asking for interviews.  Here are the links to the FOX and MSNBC interviews:

Nancy on the FOX Morning Show:

Nancy on MSNBC’s Ed Show:

Other live interviews Nancy has had opportunity to provide on the Arizona Healthcare Freedom Act: [Read more]

1,000 pg. Healthcare Bill – Details Troubling

August 2, 2009

Congressional Democrats hoped to push through healthcare “reform” before Americans had a chance to digest the details of the plan.  But every day that Republicans and “Blue Dog” Democrats stall the vote, questioning the trillion dollar price tag, tax hikes, mandates and morally objectionable policies in this complicated legislation, you and I are learning about the details contained therein, as well, and speaking up in protest. 

Here are just a few that might concern you:  [Read more]