AZ Healthcare Freedom Act on way to Ballot

June 23, 2009




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Arizona Healthcare Freedom Act on way to ballot

HCR2014 to go to Voters in November 2010

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX (June 22, 2009) – Today by a vote of 18-11, the Arizona Senate passed HCR2014: The Healthcare Freedom Act, which will refer a constitutional amendment to ballot to prevent citizens from being compelled to join a government-run healthcare system. The measure will also guarantee the right to purchase private health insurance.

Rep. Nancy Barto (R-Dist. 7), the sponsor of the measure, told House committee members that a constitutional amendment is necessary to protect Arizona citizens from federal reforms that could force residents to enroll in a government-run health care system or risk losing coverage.

“HCR2014 is proactive and will protect patients’ fundamental rights,” the Phoenix Republican said. “We are a front-line battle state to stop the momentum of this powerful government takeover of your health care decisions. Healthcare by lobbyists thwarts your rights and can be stopped here,” she added. [Read more]

We’ll Miss You, Kerry Martin

June 9, 2009

It’s been a difficult couple of weeks at the Capitol with the unbelievably sad news of Treasurer Dean Martin’s wife, Kerry’s, tragic passing.  The Martins were jubilantly expecting their first child, Austin, at the end of May and friends, family and even their doctor believed nothing out of the ordinary would stand in the way of a normal delivery.

Unexpectantly, Kerry passed away shortly after giving birth Monday, May 25th, due to a ruptured tumor called hepatic adenoma, an extremely rare condition affecting about 30-40 women in a million.  Their newborn son, Austin, was also fatally affected and died two days later.

Dean’s deep faith was evident during a brave press conference where he appeared with close family.  [Read more]

Health Care or a Waiting List

June 9, 2009

The hottest national domestic political issue is certainly the health care reform debate.  It’s going on right now in Congress and the President has said he wants a bill on his desk by October at the latest.

There are many unknowns about what will emerge and some Arizona Legislators argue that we should not even consider legislation protecting patients’ rights until after we see definitive action from Congress.

I couldn’t disagree more.  The ideas being seriously considered only lead to one conclusion:  Government-controlled healthcare.  [Read more]

Education Choice Victory

June 9, 2009

Students with disabilities will again have access to the education that best meets their needs  —  Thanks to Governor Brewer’s call for a Special Session to fasttrack legislation rescuing about 500 students with disabilities whose education options were ruled unconstitutional by the Arizona Supreme Court in March. 

Center for Arizona Policy reports in part: Last week Governor Jan Brewer signed Lexie’s Law, creating a new corporate tax credit to provide scholarships for students with special needs to attend schools of their parents’ choosing. “This is a good day to celebrate as we do good things for these children,” said Governor Brewer as she signed the bill. [Read more]