House Republicans Launch Website

April 17, 2009

Speaker Kirk Adams announced the launch of the Arizona House Republicans blogsite last week.  Check out the site at and give us your feedback.

Adams writes, “This forum was specifically designed to help the caucus get messages out about issues important to Arizona and to House Republicans. [Read more]

Pink Slips & Politics

April 17, 2009

There is no doubt that schools will face the unhappy prospect of teacher layoffs, but when many more pink slips are issued than necessary, there’s nobody to blame but the AEA.

The law requires schools to notify teachers by April 15th of their contract status.  At the request of the Arizona School Boards Association the Legislature proposed a bill (HB2630) allowing districts to postpone termination notices for all school districts so they could finalize their budgets without frightening or losing teachers with contract termination notices based on worst case scenarios.  [Read more]