Define “Normal”

January 25, 2009

Nothing about this legislative session can be described as normal so far.  From celebrating the inauguation of America’s first Black President to a mid-term welcome of incoming Governor Janice K. Brewer to the ninth floor – to coming to terms with how profoundly economic conditions will not only affect Arizona’s budget but the lives of individuals, families and businesses.

It can be a challenge to stay upbeat when we learn of friends and family facing employment challenges, but without minimizing the adjustments most of us are having to make because of our circumstances, recognizing the state of most of our fellow human beings worldwide can help us maintain the focus we will need to come out of this better people.  Perspective, thankfulness and a willingness to help meet one another’s needs can make all the difference.   Looking to government will only disappoint.

Partial-birth abortion ban moves through Committee

January 25, 2009

HB 2400, a bill banning the gruesome Partial-birth Abortion procedure in Arizona, passed the House Health and Human Services Committee on Wednesday by a 6-0 vote, all six Republicans voting for the ban.  

The same proposal was twice vetoed last session but pro-life Governor [Read more]

Session Priority: Consumer Health

January 25, 2009

It has been said: If you think health care is expensive now – just wait until it’s free. And we’re moving there quickly! 

In fact, the health care provisions contained in the 2009 Stimulus Bill move us several steps closer to government-controlled health care.  Read this concise article:

What should our health care system look like and who should pay for it?  How will government assume the reins?  Will consumers be allowed to direct our health decisions?  [Read more]

Troubling Testimony warrants scrutiny of Governor’s Council

January 12, 2009

The developmentally disabled community is not being served well by the present Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities according to compelling testimony during a “sunset” hearing last month.  Current and former members, including former executive directors, along with advocates and family members of developmentally disabled individuals complained that the Council either did not represent the spectrum of the community and/or that it was, in fact, not acting lawfully. [Read more]

D.C. in December

January 12, 2009

D.C. in December is beautiful!  Even after the trees shed their leaves.  Not having visited our nation’s Capitol since I was ten, my husband, Joe and I attended the A.L.E.C. States and Nations Annual Conference during the first week in December. Promoting Jeffersonian thought and free market principles, the American Legislative Exchange Council is comprised of legislative and private members from all 50 states.  Members serve on task forces, educating and formulating model legislation for use in the individual states and have a great opportunity to network with like-minded lawmakers across the nation.

The organization gathers the latest and greatest speakers. Last year President Bush, Mike Huckabee and Fred Thompson each addressed us at length. Newt Gingrich was a keynote this year – focusing on transforming health care. But the conference does more than inspire which, in itself, is a worthy goal.  [Read more]

Adding Insult to Injury

January 12, 2009

There is much to be said for smooth political transitions but Governor Napolitano’s to Governor-designate Jan Brewer is not a shining example of one.  More serious than Clinton’s staff removing all of the letter W’s from Whitehouse computer keyboards Napolitano, by not relinquishing her gubernatorial duties, continues to add to the most serious budget in state history, which she helped create. Here’s why… [Read more]