Arizona’s Own Bailout

November 26, 2008

A week ago conventional wisdom had resigned the state to two more years with Napolitano as Governor, but what a difference a few days can make! Now we know that our Governor can look forward to a quick exit from the State’s present budget woes she helped create. The silver lining, of course, is Arizonans will have the kind of leadership we’ll need to deal with it in Governor-designate Jan Brewer.  [Read more]

EPA Plan to Regulate Greenhouse Gases

November 26, 2008

It is no secret that if President-elect Obama were elected the EPA would be directed to implement by rule and broad interpretation of the Clean Air Act sweeping regulations on the automobile and energy producing industries in the U.S. After all, why bother to have the fight publicly in Congress when you feel you can accomplish the same thing without it? Sound familiar? For over a year now Governor Napolitano has been working the same plan in Arizona through the ADEQ in Arizona. See “Cap ‘n Trading ADEQ Authority”. [Read more]

Barto to Chair Health and Human Services Committee

November 26, 2008

Speaker-elect Kirk Adams announced committee chairmanships in the House of Representatives for the upcoming session last week – an event members have been anxious for since the election. It had been my hope to be assigned the responsibility to chair Health and Human Services as I have focused much of my energy in these areas having served on both committees for the last two years. Combining the two committees makes sense, as well, since so many health and human services issues overlap, giving committee members a broader perspective as they deliberate bills.

Issues regularly assigned to the Health & Human Services Committees include those affecting families, abortion and end-of-life issues, child protection and foster care, welfare, developmental disabilities, medical malpractice, health insurance, professional regulatory boards, drug and alcohol treatment and mental health – among others. [Read more]

‘Cap ‘n Trading’ ADEQ Authority

November 26, 2008

Members of the interim legislative committee evaluating the work of the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality is asking the right questions of the agency’s actions over the past year driving tough new auto emissions standards. Questions that Director Owens has no explanation for except to pass the buck to Governor Napolitano, who directed him to set public policy by rule as opposed to laws passed by the Legislature[Read more]

New House Leadership Elected

November 10, 2008

There are a lot of new faces in the State House – 14 to be exact.

Arizona State House leadership will have a new face, as well – Rep. Kirk Adam from the East Valley was elected Speaker by the 35 Republican members-elect on Thursday along with Minority Leader John McComish and House Whip Andy Tobin. Kirk replaces Speaker Jim Weiers, who has served in the Legislature for 14 years. [Read more]