Imagining No Religion

August 25, 2008

State-sponsored religion has its bloody history, of course – the 30 years war, the counter-reformation and the Spanish Inquisition all yielded formidable lessons for future Democratic Republican governments like ours not to repeat. But if folks really claim religion as the major source of man’s inhumanity to man, check out the atrocities racked up by atheistic governments: 20,000,000 dead under Stalin, 50,000,000 dead under Mao not to mention the on-going repression and deaths of millions in North Korea – all of these within the last 100 years! [Read more]

The Underside of “Clean Elections”

August 22, 2008

You’ve heard the radio ads reminding us how the so-called “clean elections” campaign funding system in Arizona works “for all of us”. Does it?

In some cases, candidates who choose not to fund their campaigns with taxpayers money can lose out bigtime! Consider a candidate running a traditionally-funded campaign against several challengers running “Clean”. If he raises more privately than his state-funded opponents, each of them not only receives the qualifying amount from the state, they receive the entire balance over and above that amount up to of what the privately-funded candidate raised. [Read more]

China’s Porcelain Facade

August 22, 2008

The “Inside the Olympics” report you didn’t get on NBC – Mark Alexander wrote this piece in the It’s a firsthand view of what’s really happening in the Republic of China and a reminder that, connected as we may be to the world, we’re still only fed certain information through foreign government-approved media. [Read more]

California court ruling worth noting

August 16, 2008

One never knows what to expect from the California judiciary, so when they get one right, it’s worth noting.   Today the Second District Court of Appeals in L.A.  overturned their own February decision on homeschooling.

This time they got it right. They recognized that it was not proper for them to decide whether homeschooling should be allowed in California. That would be a matter for the Legislature. [Read more]

So that’s how they’ll fund the Governor’s Western Climate Initiative!

August 15, 2008

Thanks to Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce, who rightly questioned the ADEQ move, we now know that a $1 million of a $6 million hazardous-waste settlement with Honeywell will be diverted from the State’s General Fund to the Western Governors Association and specifically, the Western Climate Initiative effort to “develop regional strategies for addressing climate change.” [Read more]