SB 1593-Interstate Insurance hits National News

May 8, 2011

Governor Brewer has since vetoed the bill.

From Investors Business Daily

Arizona May Promote Health Care Choice For Consumers


Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, speaking to the media Tuesday in Phoenix, is at the forefront of a shake-up in the state's health insurance market. Her...Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, speaking to the media Tuesday in Phoenix, is at the forefront of a shake-up in the state’s health insurance market. Her… View Enlarged Image

Arizona is poised to shake up the health insurance market with a bill offering more competition and consumer choice and an indirect challenge to ObamaCare — if Gov. Jan Brewer signs it. [Read more]

Students Win in Court Ruling

April 10, 2011

Congressman Trent Franks, author of the legislation creating the Arizona tuition tax credit program, comments on the U.S. Supreme Court’s historic ruling:  

Franks Praises Supreme Court Ruling on AZ Tuition Tax Credit Program

April 4, 2011 – Following today’s ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court in which challenges to Arizona’s Scholarship Tax Credit program were thrown out, Congressman Trent Franks (AZ-02) released the following statement:

“Today’s Supreme Court ruling marks a brighter day for America’s children and coming generations.

“Whether and how our children are educated represents, perhaps more than any other factor, the paradigm of America’s future.

“Ultimately, one of two people will decide the academic, philosophical and spiritual composition of that education. It will be a bureaucrat who doesn’t know the child’s name, or a parent who would pour their last drop of blood out on behalf of the child they love.” [Read more]

Repeal of 1099 rule a victory for business

April 10, 2011

AZ Chamber of Commerce & Industry Pres. & CEO Glenn Hamer writes:

Buried deep in the thousands of pages of legislation that gave birth to the federal health care overhaul last year was a provision that had businesspeople of all political stripes steamed.

According to the bill, all businesses would have to file IRS tax form 1099 to report anyone with whom they did more than $600 worth of business in a given year. The administration said this would be a way to crack down on folks who were dodging taxes and, as a result, help fund the massive new healthcare scheme.

But for businesses – especially small ones – the 1099 provision was a recipe for a headache and a wrestling match with red tape. In the name of generating more tax revenue, the IRS would be burying entrepreneurs and mom and pop shops in paperwork.

But relief is almost here. The Senate on Tuesday passed by a wide, bipartisan margin a repeal of the 1099 provision and the bill is now headed to the president’s desk and his awaiting signature. According to a White House spokesman, “Small businesses are the engine of our economy, and eliminating the 1099 reporting requirement is the right thing to do.” [Read more]

Education Community Forum

October 2, 2010


IB forum to host community leaders

September 23, 2010, Cave Creek, AZ.  The Cactus Shadows High School International Baccalaureate 2011 Diploma Candidates are hosting a community forum to discuss educational issues and policy on October 11, 2010 at the Cave Creek Fine Arts Center, 33606 North 60th Street, Scottsdale, 85262. Panelists include State Representative Nancy Barto( R), Mayors David Schwan (Carefree) and Vincent Francia (Cave Creek), former Cactus Shadows principal Sid Bailey, LearnYes PAC Chairman Steve Hart, Candidate for Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction (D) Penny Kotterman, Candidate for District Seven State Representative, Heather Carter, community member Arch McGill, and IB student Johann Beishline. The forum will be moderated by IB student Alyssa Lee and CCUSD Superintendent, Dr. Debbi Burdick.  The forum begins at 6:00 PM with a reception to follow at 7:30. Contact faculty advisor Erinn Moriarty Ferris for more information at or at (480) 575-2466.

NFIB endorses Barto for State Senate

September 9, 2010

NFIB/Arizona praises lawmaker for her 100-percent, pro-small business voting record

PHOENIX, Ariz., August 31, 2010 – The political action committee of Arizona’s leading small business association today announced its endorsement of Rep. Nancy Barto for election to the open Legislative District 7 seat in the Arizona Senate.

“Rep. Barto has a fundamental appreciation of the fact that small businesses are not smaller versions of big businesses, but instead have distinctively different difficulties in remaining solvent,” said Farrell Quinlan, NFIB/Arizona state director, who listed taxes (more than 80 percent of small business owners are single filers, meaning personal, not corporate, tax rates matter more to them), healthcare (less than half of small business owners in America can afford it), and regulations (small business owners pay almost twice as much to comply with the same regulation as big businesses do) as the three biggest differences. [Read more]

Health Care Lawsuit Filed

August 12, 2010


Goldwater Institute Files Lawsuit Against Federal Health Care Bill

Legal challenge seeks to protect health care freedom and preserve constitutional checks and balances

PHOENIX – The Goldwater Institute filed a lawsuit today to strike down the 2010 federal health care reforms as a fundamental attack on individual freedom and the rights guaranteed to all Americans by the U.S. Constitution.

The lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Phoenix is a private challenge to the health care bill championed by President Barack Obama. Arizona and 21 other states are pursuing public lawsuits against the federal law, based in large part on preserving their traditional authority to regulate health insurance. This new lawsuit, known as Coons v. Geithner, argues the federal health care bill exceeds the powers of Congress, violates individual rights, interferes with the authority of states, and violates the separation of powers by setting up a new bureaucracy without meaningful congressional oversight or judicial review.

“This lawsuit is our effort to bring down one of the most sweeping invasions of individual liberty and state sovereignty in American history,” said Clint Bolick, litigation director for the Goldwater Institute. “The federal health care bill is a sledgehammer to solve a problem that needs the precision of a scalpel. This is the most overbearing and intrusive way possible to try to address America’s rising health care costs.” [Read more]

My Turn – District 7 Senate Primary

July 29, 2010

As a legislator, integrity means acting upon and voting according to the values and principles voters expected when they cast their ballot for me. By supporting bills and crafting budgets that restrain government, restore individual rights, protect the most vulnerable, stop illegal immigration (including SB 1070), oppose unconstitutional Federal mandates, and support accountability, standards and choice in education – I have proven to consistently and effectively represent my constituents.

Experience alone shouldn’t be the reason voters return any lawmaker to office – but it matters.

Government, by its very nature, increases and expands.  Revolving lawmakers must figure out how agencies and their funding schemes work, often missing critical opportunities to substantially change them. Restructuring government is a tedious process, but it must be done.  I am prepared to continue this work while promoting a business-friendly tax environment to create jobs.  [Read more]

Chiropractors name Barto ‘Legislator of the Year’

June 26, 2010

At their annual convention of the Arizona Association of Chiropractic, the members recently recognized Rep. Nancy Barto ….for “her dedication and service to the AAC and to the Chiropractic profession”.

As the dinner keynote she recounted to AAC members many of the details of the process of getting important legislation affecting the profession successfully through the Legislature.

As a result of Barto’s efforts regarding HB 2025, Arizona statutes now accurately describe, as well as define, chiropractors’ current practices.

Persistence and chiropractic physicians’  involvement pays off!

Arizona Joins Healthcare Legal Battle

April 16, 2010

While the liberal media and legal “experts” denigrate the notion that states should even contemplate spending either time or state resources on an Obamacare court challenge, Supreme Court Justice Breyer has added some gravitas to the question. 

The same “experts” who claim we have no standing in the healthcare lawsuit, nor that we have any chance of winning, also said we wouldn’t win on Proposition 200 and Employer Sanctions.  And the Florez ELL case we ended up winning in the U.S. Supreme Court saved the state hundreds of millions of dollars.  Read Justice Breyer’s comments here

Read Nancy’s My Turn, Unfunded Mandates Force States to Fight, from the April 6th Arizona Republic.    [Read more]

Is YOUR school “performing”?

April 16, 2010

A better question might be, “What is a PERFORMING school”?  Parents likely don’t know that a “PERFORMING” school falls within the bottom third for academic performance – especially since some schools proudly emblazon the label on their school building or marquee for all to see!  [Read more]

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