DocTalk with Senator Barto

August 28, 2012

DocTalk Radio  is a televised radio show focused on your health.  Recently, DocTalk Radio host Dr. Anne Borik invited Sen. Barto to join the program.  Listen to these short program segments…

How is Obamacare going to affect patients?

How do we address the high cost of health care?

How do we deal with the uninsured?

Log on to every Wednesday at 1pm Arizona time! [Read more]

Obamacare…after the ruling

July 14, 2012

Since the Supreme Court’s tortured argument upholding most of the law, its supporters are pushing harder than ever for states to immediately implement Obamacare Insurance Exchanges and expand Medicaid in the states – before a new Congress and President can repeal and replace it.

Who’s leading the charge?…   Their involvement should tell us a lot. [Read more]

What do we do Now?

July 14, 2012

Yes – we’re riled up.   After  the Court’s convoluted Obamacare ruling, rulings against Arizona’s common sense ‘ID at the polls’ law & SB 1070 (see below), Obama’s unconstitutional Dream Act Exec. Order, and this week’s action gutting welfare reform –  it’s clearer than ever that we must Win in November.  But how? 

Vote, of course, but to put it bluntly – we’ve got to put our money where our mouth is!  Most of us don’t have a lot of extra money right now, but if you do have a job, participation this year – even in a small way – even if you’ve never contributed to a campaign before – is imperative.  And I’m not talking about my campaign. [Read more]

“Stand up for Religious Freedom” rally press release

June 7, 2012

Arizona legislators to attend “Stand up for Religious Freedom” rally

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX (June 7, 2012) – Tomorrow afternoon, Representative Debbie Lesko (R-Dist 9) will be addressing Arizona advocates of religious liberty to coincide with the this year’s second national Stand up for Religious Freedom Rally. Representative Lesko will be joined by Representative J.D. Mesnard (R-Dist. 21), State Senators Nancy Barto (R-Dist. 7) and Steve Yarbrough (R-Dist 21).

The event will build off of the success enjoyed by the first rally held earlier this year
in which 63,000 Americans in over 145 cities came together to publicly denounce
the regulatory over-reach and usurpation of religious freedom by the Obama Administration.

The rally will be held at noon tomorrow in front of:

Sandra Day O’Connor Federal Building East Plaza

401 W. Washington Street

In reflection of the efforts expended to counter the HHS mandate, Representative Lesko stated, “I am proud how we responded to the threat to our religious liberties posed by the Obama HHS mandate. HB 2625 made its way to the Governor’s desk because of the efforts of legislators such as Representatives Mesnard, Senators Barto, Yarbrough and many others whom recognized the detrimental effects this mandate will have on our religious freedoms.”


Rey Torres

Arizona House of Representatives

(602) 926-3233


2012 session missed healthcare (My Turn)

May 23, 2012

“You can’t change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight”.

Speaker/author Jim Rohn may not have had Arizona in mind, but his principle certainly applies.  The Arizona Chamber summed up our situation like this, “the Legislature hit reboot on the Arizona economy and turned what was a basket case into a best case.”

While almost every state suffered precipitously low revenues during this recession and historically slow recovery, how did Arizona end this year in the black with significant savings to spare – while creating 47,000 new jobs in February & March alone?  Especially considering that Arizona was one of the states hardest hit.

In short, we acted like grown-ups.  Like thousands of Arizonans who lost their nest eggs, jobs, and homes, the state made our budget work while funding essential priorities – education, public safety and health care for the most vulnerable. The 2013 budget is balanced, as will be the 2014 budget – without the borrowing, sweeps and rollovers previous budgets employed – and without additional cuts. [Read more]

Obamacare: What we know NOW

March 23, 2012

States in opposition?  Should States Implement Obamacare’s ‘Essential Health Benefits’ Mandate?  Also:  Ala opts out of Affordable Care Act component

Why breast and other cancer survival rates will plummet after Obamacare:  Radiologist speaks out video.

Why more trauma centers? Boom in trauma centers can help save lives, but at what cost?

Are you still a member?  How the AARP made $2.8 Billion by supporting Obamacare’s cuts to Medicare  [Read more]

Obamacare’s results…so far

January 8, 2012

President Obama assured Americans in March of 2010: “If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period.  No one will take it away.  No matter what.”

Not so fast.  According to the Heritage Foundation, studies show millions will lose the coverage they have.

What is actually happening across the country as a result of the 4.2 billion words in rules and regs  in place to date – and what can we expect if the law stands? “Obamacare in Pictures” tells the real story.

[Read more]

“Legislator of the Year”

August 20, 2011

August 9, 2011


Arizona Senator named Legislator of the Year

(Phoenix, State Capitol) —- Sen. Nancy Barto has been named a recipient of the American Legislative Exchange Council’s “Legislator of the Year” award.  Sen. Barto was presented the award at the organization’s annual meeting in New Orleans.

The “Legislator of the Year” Award is given to state legislators who are ALEC members in good standing and have distinguished themselves by taking a leadership role in advancing, introducing and/or enacting policies based on the fundamental Jeffersonian principles of free markets, limited government, federalism and individual liberty.

“It is such an honor to receive this award from ALEC. It’s good to know the hard work we’re doing here in Arizona fighting for everyone’s health care rights is being recognized by such a respected national organization,” says Sen. Barto, a Republican from Phoenix. [Read more]

Sen. Barto at Health Privacy Summit

July 15, 2011

Arizona State Senate

1700 W. Washington St., Phoenix, AZ 85007

Sen. Nancy Barto, R-7

Chair, Committee on Healthcare and Medical Liability Reform

Press Release


June 1, 2011


Sen. Barto to speak at National Summit on Health Privacy

(Phoenix, State Capitol) —- Sen. Nancy Barto will be one of the featured speakers at a national summit focused on health privacy. Sen. Barto will speak at the 2011 Summit on Health Privacy in Washington, D.C. on Monday, June 13. Her presentation will be part of a discussion on Privacy Protection in the Digital Era. [Read more]

SB 1593-Interstate Insurance hits National News

May 8, 2011

Governor Brewer has since vetoed the bill.

From Investors Business Daily

Arizona May Promote Health Care Choice For Consumers


Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, speaking to the media Tuesday in Phoenix, is at the forefront of a shake-up in the state's health insurance market. Her...Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, speaking to the media Tuesday in Phoenix, is at the forefront of a shake-up in the state’s health insurance market. Her… View Enlarged Image

Arizona is poised to shake up the health insurance market with a bill offering more competition and consumer choice and an indirect challenge to ObamaCare — if Gov. Jan Brewer signs it. [Read more]

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