Are Taxes Driving Costs?

November 8, 2014

Obamacare’s $800 Billion Tax Hike Explained in One Chart – one reason costs continue to escalate. [Read more]

Education: Should the State pay up?

September 29, 2014

If you’ve been tuning in to the election campaigns, you may wonder at claims that Republicans are guilty of “illegal” cuts to education and should PAY UP immediately!  Well – a little historical perspective might be helpful before you buy that line. [Read more]

How successful has Obamacare really been?

July 28, 2014

Obamacare Costs & Cover-Up – How successful has the law really been?  From the Obamacare News Roundup by Jane Orient, M.D.

The AZ Republic asks Sen. Barto and Blue Cross Blue Shield to weigh in on the question, What if the Supreme Court rules Obamacare subsidies can’t be used in federal exchanges?  Why the latest court decision challenging the IRS runaround the law may be the greatest threat to the law & the linchpin that drives Congress to open up the law to reforms that Americans need and want – alternatives based on a strategy of Freedom. [Read more]

Business groups give Barto high marks

July 3, 2014

Nancy is also endorsed for the State Senate in 2014 by:

[Read more]

Disclosure beyond the “Happy-gram”

April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014


Governor signs bill that could save lives of many Arizona women

(Phoenix, State Capitol)–Governor Jan Brewer has signed SB 1225 into law.  This bill, sponsored by Senator Nancy Barto of Phoenix, would require health care providers to tell women if they have dense breast tissue.  This, according to Senator Barto, will allow women to make the most informed decision possible when screening for breast cancer, and likely save many lives. [Read more]

Health Care Costs: Ask and you shall receive

March 22, 2014

Thanks to HB 2045 – Arizona hospitals and other health professionals must now disclose their cash prices to patients – helping them compare prices when paying out of pocket. 

How will transparency impact prices?  Read what Forbes’ just wrote about Sen. Barto’s efforts and this link from AFP.

To find out who is complying with the law - Check this list.   How is the health care industry responding? With plans for more disclosure.  

View press release below:

(Phoenix, State Capitol)—In addition to continuing rising costs of health care, another concern for patients in Arizona is the wildly different costs of the same procedure, depending on where you go for the procedure. Now, a new law is calling attention to these varying costs. [Read more]

Nancy in the News

November 26, 2013

Sen. Barto praises Gov’s postponement on exchange

November 27, 2012

Senator Barto praises Governor Brewer’s postponement on deciding whether to move forward on creation of health care exchange

                     Statement by Senator Nancy Barto

“I applaud Governor Brewer’s cautionary approach in deciding Arizona’s future and involvement with creating a state-based exchange.  By postponing her declaration to the federal government, she will have more time to confer with leaders across this nation rejecting the pressures of Washington.  Nineteen states have already determined it is not in their best interest financially or in principle, and seven more states are strongly considering it. [Read more]

DocTalk with Senator Barto

August 28, 2012

DocTalk Radio  is a televised radio show focused on your health.  Recently, DocTalk Radio host Dr. Anne Borik invited Sen. Barto to join the program.  Listen to these short program segments…

How is Obamacare going to affect patients?

How do we address the high cost of health care?

How do we deal with the uninsured?

Log on to every Wednesday at 1pm Arizona time! [Read more]

Obamacare…after the ruling

July 14, 2012

Since the Supreme Court’s tortured argument upholding most of the law, its supporters are pushing harder than ever for states to immediately implement Obamacare Insurance Exchanges and expand Medicaid in the states - before a new Congress and President can repeal and replace it.

Who’s leading the charge?…   Their involvement should tell us a lot. [Read more]

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